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Tuesday, 03 April 2012


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That's OK. I'll wait for he Olympus EM-5. Might consider the Fuji IF Leica dies, OR the next M model camera is way beyond my price range....

I've avoided pre-ordering. I was wondering for a while if it a wrong choice of mine, and I'm still wondering a bit.

But, for me personally, I've realized that the problem is the 60mm lens. It's too slow. The other two are great, and a set of three covering that range, all fast, would be my perfect small system I think. (And the fact that the corresponding M43 lens, the 45/1.8, is so great.)

And when I look back at the money I have invested in my M43 system, the X-Pro1 isn't that much more expensive.

Adorama actually started shipping Monday. Mine's waiting at home.

I preordered 02/28 and when B&H's first "availability" date of March 28th came and went - now April 4th is 2nd "promise" and just a day or so before they close for 10 days!!! Keeping fingers, arms, and legs crossed...

About two weeks ago I played with an X-Pro at a dealer in Frankfurt, Germany. I had been looking forward buying one as soon as possible, but I was really disappointed by the chattering aperture blades, which were far more disturbing than I had imagined. Needless to say I walked out of the store without the camera.
I sure hope Fuji will be able to fix this as I really love the concept of the camera (and I've been a Fuji X100 shooter since it came out).

I'm really trying to keep this camera out of sight and out of mind- particularly with this $.95 discount.

In Canada we got our X Pro 1 with the three lenses over a week ago. Great camera. Amazing low light abilities. I got it for my wife to use and for me when I don't feel like hiking with 54 lbs of gear.

Ordered this morning with the 35mm from Amazon. Used your Amazon link, Mike. Amazon alleges that it'll be here Thursday.

Mike, B&H got "sneaky" in a nice way! Their inventory arrived "earlier than expected" and my camera and 18mm lens are already on their way to me in Eureka, CA. Whoopee!

Saw one in the flesh today, a friend has his hands on one already. Didn't get to paw at it, but it sure looks the part.

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