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Saturday, 07 April 2012


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I've love to see another Charles Cramer sale!

I would like to thank everyone that has participated in this special print offer. I will am very honored and my heart is warmed knowing that my photographs will be on the walls of so many people worldwide and that these moments that I photographed that touched my heart, will continue to touch others daily. I am also extremely touched thinking that by sharing my photographs in this way, on some level, I have the great fortune to be part of a large community of new friends. Ever since the first moment that I saw Henri Cartier-Bresson walk into the photography lab Picto in Paris where I was working as a printer in 1978, and watched him stand at a desk and sign his name to a beautiful silver gelatin made by Voja , the notion of the signed print for collection has seemed to me to be at the summit of the photographic act. For me, photography is at its core all about sharing, sharing our feelings, perceptions, responses, and observations about the world around us, and cameras are simply a tool that makes this sharing possible. I am extremely grateful to everyone who has decided to collect one or more of my photographs through this print offering on TOP, and immensely grateful to Mike for making this opportunity possible. I am also extremely proud knowing that the prints that I will share with everyone through this sale, will be made by one of the greatest printers in the history of photography, my very close friend Voja Mitrovic. With great gratitude to all. Peter

So I buy my prints from TOP sales (not this one as I might need a transmission), Ctein sponsoring (need to re-up that) and 20x200. Where else do people go to buy prints these days? (Other than contacting the artist directly. Haven't had a response to one of those emails in ages.)

Congrats to all who made a purchase, to Mike, Peter, and Voja too. I think you will be very happy with your purchase. If you like what you see online, wait until you see the beautiful print face-to-face! Last offer, my wife and I purchased the Paris photo, and get the pleasure of viewing it on the wall in our house every day. We could not participate in this round, but maybe next time!

Tom, collect.give (http://collectdotgive.org/) has some interesting, affordable prints. Most (usually, all) of the profits go to a deserving non-profit of the artist's choosing.

I was bemoaning about not being able to participate in this sale(the Paris skyline print haunts me), but in doing so my wife, who also wanted the print, thwapped me on the head and told me to make my own damn art. So off to my garage darkroom i go to get that up and running:) My hopes that seeing such great work, both the image and the printing, will inspire many more to go out and create themselves.

Now, I've really GOT to get caught up on some framing!

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