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Monday, 19 March 2012


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I had a suspicion about this flower which was confirmed by the link. It's known as the "Corpse Flower," which tells you what it smells like when it opens.

From this we can deduce it's primary pollinators are flies. We have Carrion Flower vines here in the Midwest and they smell similarly and have the same pollinators.

Saw one in the wild about 6 years ago. Very impressive "flower".

I saw the one that opened in Madison about a decade or so ago. I saw it a few days after blooming and the bottom was filled several inches deep with maggots. The smell (which was past peak) was merely awful rather than the Lovecraftain level of insanity-inducing vileness that it apparently had upon first blooming.

Was in Ithaca on Sunday, wish I'd know about this. Maybe I'll take the girls up tomorrow night for a look, and maybe a quick picture...

Is it edible?? It sure looks like it!

With best regards.


Thanks Mike!! Never saw one.

Back home in Malaysia we have the Rafflesia, another big flower with a rotten scent. I once had the pleasure of watching one bloom, unfortunately it wasn't very pungent. Stuck my head over the flower for nothing (except getting face-hugged by flies).

No macro mode for this one.

Mike-I'm glad you noticed the bevy of excited photographers via the livestream. Some seemed attempting to visually document the smell by leaning in and shooting as far down as they could into the bloom.

I found myself getting caught up starting over the weekend with the livestream. When it bloomed it was like Christmas. From there people watching took over. I know, I'm easily amused but amused nonetheless.

Thanks a lot for the feature (bit more than a featured comment actually, with the picture and all)!

- It's a good thing that I don't have to pay for traffic on my site. The last two days saw about as much hits as the entire year before ;-)
- Of this years worth of page hits one third were from Safari, another third using Firefox, followed by IE as distant third with 1/6 of all visits.
- And only exactly 2/7 of the public photos on my site are "flowers and blossoms" ...

Thanks Mike! I had a chance to see it on Monday. I took this photograph while there http://500px.com/photo/6038189

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