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Saturday, 03 March 2012


great timing, to review something that immediately gets discontinued. cause and effect, or effect and cause?

Now, what we really need, is to get Nikon and Canon to manufacture things based on somebody publishing a (p)review of them... i really need to know the buffer capacity on the D400 NOW!!

You wrote: "That's a stuffed emu on an airplane, above right. Picture by Catherine Warren. Stuffed emus demonstrably cannot, and can, fly."

Objection. There is no evidence in the Warren picture showing that the plane was actually flying at the time of capture. (satire alert)

It might just be that Panasonic is bad with supply-related issues (they've acquired a certain amount of infamy in this area, especially with respect to the US market). Note, in particular, that Amazon .co.uk, .fr, .co.jp, and .de all appear to be ready to ship that 25mm.

...although some of those indicate that they've only got a few in stock, so maybe it is all over.

Panasonic is notorious for letting their stocks run out. They did that with the regular 4/3 25 1.4 too. Then it comes back a couple months later. This is a fairly new, popular lens, and they likely need to churn out a new batch.

Probably more likely that it's just the usual Panasonic supply shortfalls. It's cuurently showing as in stock on a few UK sites.

It is probably the older 4/3rds one that is discontinued.I doubt the new micro version is.

The old version is a great lens.

No. That cannot be true. The Leica/Panasonic 25mm 1.4 cannot be discontinued as it is the lens I need to complete my m43 set. In fact, it is the one that I will probably use most and I plan on buying it in May. So it cannot possibly be discontinued.

I checked with my local merchant and they are still an order-able item from Panasonic. The do tend to do things in batches. The GH2 has similarly gone in and out and back into stock at Amazon. It's too good a lens to discontinue...

You've never met an Emu. Emus are big enough and menacing to do whatever they want.

Also technically penguins can fly, just not in air.

It is NOT in stock as Adorama. Their web site representation to the contrary is not correct. They took my order and then converted it into a backorder.

The 25/1.4 is an item that, if discontinued, will be more expensive used than it was new.

Only Panasonic could screw up the marketing/advertising/supply of a product like this.

Kirk was wondering why nobody loved the G3. I think it was because Panasonic did almost zero advertising for it..

They basically threw away all of the development costs for the GH-2 by not producing any for almost a year. (I had one back-ordered for months and then gave up, and bought something else.)

There are more examples, but that's enough.

Great products, hopeless company.

From all the comments here about Panasonic supply problems it seems a golden opportunity for Cosina to introduce some little optical gems in precise manual focus mounts. A few of the prime angle of view selections, all f2, would be a dream come true.

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