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Wednesday, 14 March 2012


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A fascinating character, no doubt.Very moving and sharp thoughts about aging, Mike. May she rest in peace.

Life goes on, and then it's gone. I'm really for your loss and pain.

Hi Mike, I fully empathise. I am approaching 52 and have had to deal with lost friends and current friends undergoing treatment for cancer, MS and other issues.

We should not dwell on "what if". Enjoy every day. Only a handful of generations ago, 50 was regarded as a decent age. We now feel cheated if we get ill at 70. Life is a gift we shouldn't measure by length, only by quality.

Sounds like your friend had a life of exceptional quality.

My condolences

So sorry for you loss Mike. It sounds like she lived the adventurous life!

A retired physician friend of mine observes a lot of things they did not teach hi in medical school!

And it is often friends such as Marina who go first. Such friends are rare. Family dying is a little bit different, however no less devastating to those who remain.

My condolences, Mike and to Marina's wide flung family

Hi Mike,
I also am deeply saddened by Marina's passing. She was a good friend to me and to my family for over 30 years on Nantucket.
I posted your beautiful memories on Marina's facebook page, I hope that's ok.
With love, Batia Zumwalt

Pretty much everybody makes it through their first fifty years; pretty much nobody makes it through the second fifty. It's only a question of when. The first to go are never easy for those who stay. - Mike
Dear Mike,

You again hit the soft spot in my heart. As a near-fifty guy, I have already lost my friend someday ago. Old classmate.

Besides your interesting and thought-provoking essays and comments on almost every aspect of photography, this kind of post is definitely a strong magnetic to make me stay as a long-time reader on your blog! Thank you!

And condolences to you and to Marina's family.

dear Mike, I feel sorry for your loss. It seems me she was a "special" person .But if you never forget her she will be "alive", at least in your heart. Ciao Marina, from my side as well.

Dear Mike
Lovely picture. There she is in all her glory. The second fifty is an interesting time. Full of sadness, but great memories. I work as a family doctor on Dartmoor England and in my late fifties am finding that it's not only patients but friends who are now succumbing.

Eight of us from college meet every year walking in the Lake District and I now treasure every moment. One year one of us may not be there .. and it could be me!!

There are no friends like old friends

Best wishes Mike


I am so sorry to hear this. Marina took me on as a culler one season. Some of the nicest days spent on the harbor. So sad.

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