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Wednesday, 28 March 2012


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I don't know the rights issue with this magazine but I would like to view this old articles too. Would be a possibility to publish here a pdf or something like this to view both articles? Just asking, sorry, I only have one issue of this magazine and is not the one we are talking.

I hope you find it. Jim and I were corresponding about this a few months ago. I thought I had every issue of 35mm Photography, but it turns out that I did not have this particular one.

I was, however, able to supply him with a copy of every issue of Camera 35 that he edited. I have more copies of most of those issues, plus both earlier and later years available for sale.

Winter 1975, SO CLOSE!

Available on eBay I think,

It looks like there's a small but ongoing market for 1970s era issues of 35mm Photography on eBay. There's a couple issues up now, and in "completed" items I find more.

I would suggest keeping your eyes peeled on eBay!

I saved 4 issues of CAMERA ARTS magazine, all with columns by Jim Hughes. My favorite is the premier issue fall 1997 which has the "Chez Kertesz" article. I would love to see a book with all of his columns.

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