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Wednesday, 28 March 2012


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Is it South Park: Pe-waukee or South Park: Pew-aukee? :)


Bong Recreation Area reminds me of my favorite park: Big Bone Lick State Park.

According to wikipedia Big Bone Lick State Park is located between the communities of Beaverlick and Rabbit Hash. Sex and drugs?

And, yes, I can be quite juvenile.

I live up the freeway from Big Bone Lick State Park.

start smarty pants comment

And how is an iphone not a camera?

end smarty pants comment

I know exactly where that "Bong Recreation Area" sign is...and I thought the same thing the last time I drove past it: I really need to get a photo!

Well, that will be my challenge for this coming week. :-)

There is a town in southern Indiana called French Lick and a town in Michigan called Hell.

And a town in Pennsylvania called Intercourse (been there)! http://www.funnytowns.com/

I am not sure if this is as funny in the USA, but most UK readers are sure to appreciate this ski area in Germany.

Google Images for Dildo, Newfoundland and there are more on the Rock.

Sorry to hear that, they lost me around ten years ago. I think I win all this time, difficult to come back to nikon glass now. But at less is a good news from the newcomers nikon people.

Well, while we're at it, let's not forget a certain exit off of I-75 in Troy, Michigan. Supposedly, the Michigan Department of Transportation has to replace this sign rather frequently....

Ahh but you obviously did have a camera with you. Isn't it grand?

Mike, down the road on 45 south of the Tin Cup Tavern, was the Bong Motel. My buddies would meet with Tony, who's dad ran the motel to play football in back. About forty years ago. The Tin Cup is still there.

I think the same thing each time I drive past this motel in Masterton New Zealand: http://www.southparkmotel.co.nz/ (Sorry Mike that I don't know how to make a link out of that.)

How did you take a picture without a camera? Inquiring minds want to know.

There serious photograhers who have done this ...

One that springs to mind is Martin Parr. He collects mundane postcards (and is a particular fan of Butlins postcards and their photographers ... that's another story). After he published a collection of his most mundane postcards in Boring Postcards


he became fascinated with Boring, Oregon that he visited the town and shot 468 photographs: Boring High School; Boring Fire Department; Boring Community Center ...



(sidenote: what a URL!)

He didn't visit Wankers Corner, OR which is only 28 miles away. That may have been a step too far.

But there may be a photobook in travelling around the US photographing dubious signs ...

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