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Thursday, 15 March 2012


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I didn't need to read that. I will now go hug my dog.

Is it wrong of me to find that article so damn funny? That poor poor cameraman...

May be it is just me but it seem after this post, your blog go back to Dec 2011! Why?

Live fast, die young, make a terrific-looking corpse...

@Adrian. I love that Donald Rumsfeld quote even if it is somewhat diminished by the fact that he couldn't manage the known knowns let alone all the varieties of unknowns.

Some of the condolences left on the NPR page.

"His name was Tiny Til, his name was Tiny Til" (fight club reference)

"never heard him coming, one reason earless rabbits are so rare"

Ahhh, Mike...that's below you.

Too many years ago was at a friend's house
having had one too many drinks, and backed up and unknown to me, his Yorkshire Terror
(a yappy dog) was behind me. All I heard was "crunch" stepping backwards and did the
dog some lethal damage, crushed it there and then. The host declared to the all and sundry
"Cousin Weakeyes just crushed my dog."
The dog was quite dead. He then invited to leave and never darken his doorway ever again. I never did and it was a pleasure, as his
drunken parties always ended as a disaster.
(Photo content: his daughter took a photograph of the dead dog with my big boot on top of it. She sent it to the Toronto Humane Society who were less than thrilled.)

Had solved the yappy dog problem.

The name Cousin Weakeyes though has stuck
and it's true, I rarely see anything before I step on it.

We've just had a reverse of this: a photographer was hit by a flying horse at the Cheltenham Festival (....of horse racing) and injured. The horse fell at a fence and crashed through the safety rail at about 40 mph, collecting a news agency photographer. Thankfully horse, jockey and photographer were only lightly injured with little more than bruising and some light cuts.

To my mind, that's lucky as a horse weighs over 1/2 ton and a horse hitting you at 40 mph is going to temporarily upset your framing and workflow.


There's a whole genre of "sports freaky mishaps**" that print and online editors like to run for light relief. Even TOP carried last year the hitting of a TV camera during a baseball game.

**That includes the English Rugby team's performance in the last Rugby World Cup. Marketed as comedy around the rugby-playing world except for England, where it was released as a horror film.

...I should add that since then as a fan I have done my bit. I have traded mutual support with the proprietor of TOP and myself between the Green Bay Packers and the English Rugby team, and Mike's influence has proved startling. A new coach, and the results are self-evident. We're picking up and getting back to where we should be. ;)

I'm afraid it is hard for an Australian to find anything tragic about the death of a rabbit. It ranks right up there with dead cane toads.


BTW, the reason the rabbit was named Til is that it is named after the German actor,writer and director Til Schweiger who has written, directed and starred in the film comedie "Keinohrhasen".

Greetings, Ed


I am overcome with sadness, for the dearly departed and for our industry.

"We are all shocked. During the filming, the cameraman took a step back and trod on the bunny."

What exactly was in front of the camera if the "star" of the shoot was behind the photographer???

Damn papparazzi....


With best regards.


Where's Glenn Close when you need her?

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