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Friday, 23 March 2012


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Thanks for this post, Mike. The Photo League show (Jewish Museum, NYC) closes this weekend, and is well worth the visit! It has much of Sid Grossman's work, as discussed in the referenced piece by David Gonzalez. The show will go on to Columbus, OH. There's also a fine catalog, available through Amazon as well as at the show.

Gonzalez quotes David Vestal saying that he started teaching to fill the hole left in the world by Grossman's passing.


Thanks for this little gem of an article. I'm glad I live a short train ride from the city so I can catch this show. People should also check out more work from the Photo League: "The Radical Photographer" mentioned in the same article.

Mike . . I have the book and it's excellent as such things go, about 250 pages, well printed and laid out, with some very interesting essays.


I don't see a link to the article by David Gonzales, that Mitch references above, but maybe Google will be my friend. The comment about David Vestal got me thinking. I only spotted one Vestal in "The Radical Photographer." "The New York School" has a small selection of his images, one favorite being the furious downpour on the roofs seen from 10th street.

If any one with roots in the '50s deserves a serious retrospective while he can still appreciate it, it's David Vestal. He continues to teach and publish new images at postage stamp sizes in his newlestter. Several book length projects have never seen the light of day, so I am sure the material exists, and he's certainly better organized than, say, yourself. So who's working on that?


More on the Photo League . . Daniel Allentuck and Nina Rosenblum have produced a film on the Photo League, entitled "Ordinary Miracles: The Photo League's New York". A "sneak preview" is scheduled for Thu. March 29, 8pm, at IFC Center in NYC (downtown). From the post: (http://www.ifccenter.com/films/ordinary-miracles-the-photo-leagues-new-york/)

The film combines interviews with a dozen surviving League members with a spellbinding musical score. Campbell Scott’s superb narration and 350 unforgettable images paint a unique and unexpected portrait of New York City from the 1939 World’s Fair to Be-Bop and Abstract Expressionism.

Those who made it to the show (still there today, I think) may have seen a short excerpt from this fine film which was looping in a room near the exit. The interviews are particularly fascinating!


Remember, the same thing happened to Robert Frank:


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