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Monday, 05 March 2012


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Arguably the worlds worst photoshow in the worlds worst venue (or at least in a country that considers itself civilised),...the last time I went I inteded to buiy an Epson printer but the Epson people adnitted to knowing nothing about the printer,...also wanted to see pentax cameras but pentax did not bother to turn up (I dumped pentax kit soon after) It took an hour and a half to drive up from London and then two hours to actually get into the site due to three show running siumultaneously!! That and the exorbitant parking charge means 'never again'.....

Nice post. I'm visiting tomorrow. I want to see the prototype of the Ilford 10X8 pinhole camera. Their 5X4 one is very nice but shooting direct positive paper would be far nicer at 10X8.

I have that same enlarger! It's absolutely fantastic. I think the model is an LPL 7700MX. I love it. However, rather than the listed price here: http://www.novadarkroom.com/cat/41/LPL_Enlargers.html I got mine off of the local auction site (TradeMe in NZ) for around $150 NZD - about 77 Pounds. Quite a step down from the listed new price.

Glad to see Ilford is still in the (film) game. XP2 is one of my faves for my old film-burners...

I never understood the British logic in the use of plurals for companies, as in "Nikon are." There is an underlying argument that a company or a committee or a party or a herd are actually made up of some plural number of individuals, and so the plural verb is used. But even the British use a singular determiner in front of such a noun; they'd never say "these committee" or "these herd;" it'd always be "This committee are..." This makes no sense, and had led me to conclude that British speak poor English.

Here in the US, of course, the Supreme Court has repeatedly upheld the idea that a corporation is an individual, so "Nikon is" is always correct.

8x10 Sinar.... used to have one of them, now I have a hernia and a 4x5 for after the operation. Don't think I'm joking either.

"The Olympus stand is a small catwalk which is OM-D branded, and has been showing an alternating schedule of dancers, models, and photographers talking about the new miracle camera."

And you chose to photograph...a photographer?

Seriously, thanks for the report Robert. It was good to see candid shots of the new Oly and Fuji to get a practical sense of scale.

Paper contact printing - I have to look that up. That may well push me to rebuild my paper pinhole camera, or even get a "real" LF camera to play with.

For the price of a Canon 5D Mk III one could own a Fuji X-Pro1 and all 3 lenses.

"Canon are showing..." means in this case that "Staff from Canon are showing...." Therefore, a bit like the holy spirit, Canon (as an individual entity) is present, but the staff, (despite their best attempts at focus), are unable to deal with people in an omi present way, and therefore the agents of Canon 'are' present, as opposed to the corporation which 'is' present....
Clear, isn't it?

I was at the show yesterday, and it is a shadow of its former self, I thought. Numbers of exhibitors seems to be down, or if not, they are all using smaller stands. There was quite a bit of free floor space around.

Why do so many people bring their own kit to these things?

This issue of plural vs singular for referring to companies, does to some extent follow the sense - when we (UK) are thinking about a company we will often (but not always) use the plural - perhaps this is when we are conscious of the efforts, qualities and failings that are characteristic of a group of people. When we are thinking about interacting with it as a legal entity (contractually and the like) we will still use the singular.

Say that I need to hire the Magnificent Seven to protect my village - does it or do they wear seven hats, and are they or is it still the Seven even after two are killed?

It took an hour and a half to drive up from London and then two hours to actually get into the site due to three show running siumultaneously!! That and the exorbitant parking charge means 'never again'.....

We do have trains... and the station is right next to the NEC!

@ John Camp: "it'd always be "This committee are...""

It's "The committee are" or, "This committee is". I've never heard, "This committee are"

Roger Bradbury
Somewhere in England

As an (English) Brit, I'd say that we are more flexible than that, with "Nikon is expanding its product line ..." and "Nikon are expanding their product line ..." both being OK in British English so long as you don't switch between the two locally. Sports teams, though, are nearly always plural.

Fowler, Modern English Usage (1926) has a discussion of "nouns of multitude" under "number", writing:

"Such words ... may stand either for a single entity or for the individuals who compose it .... They are treated as singular or plural at discretion - & sometimes, naturally, without discretion. The Cabinet is divided is better, because in the order of thought a whole must precede division; The Cabinet are agreed is better, because it take two or more to agree." [There follows a longish discussion.]

Re John Camp's complaints about the logic (or lack of it) of using plurals - try saying (aloud) "the police is investigating" vs. "the police are investigating" and the logic should be fairly clear.

John Camp is an American so don't expect him to understand logic.

To decry the British for not speaking English correctly is a bit rich coming from someone who cannot spell or pronounce words in the English language correctly.

Two nations divided by a common language and all that.

Wonder how it get 8x10 positive in 20 minutes. Also, why need contact print if one can use paper positive from them as well. Unless the paper negative has an higher ISO (but I thought they are always ISO 6). Wonder?

I just got back from Focus - my mistake, Fuji had I think 5 or 6 X Pro 1s, but only one that was not attached to the stand. The show was busier than it has been for years and the feeling from most exhibitors I spoke to was really positive. People bring their cameras to take photos with !!! You can see the show blog at FOCUS LINK and click through to the news section.... it was a ball, really. Thanks to everyone that came. More to follow if anyone is interested.... Robert

That Xpro-1 in the photo looks HUGE; like one of the Fuji medium-format bodies, not a 35mm.

I think I might still be in a pretty small minority, but principally due to the comparatively shrunken dimensions, the Olympus OM-D just jumps out at me as being so much more appealing than the 5DMk3 or Nikon D800. Havilng happily used a GH1 for the last few years for both personal and semi-professional purposes I just would never consider going back to lumping around serious real estate again.

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