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Thursday, 29 March 2012


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Great interview.

Great interview - thanks for posting this. I'm off now to ask the Leica people if I can "try out" one of their point and shoots... sigh. If only.

Once again, thank you Mike and John (and David!) for bringing us this interview.


I really enjoyed reading this article and found it very interesting and inspiring. I read both parts. David Burnett's photography is absolutely beautiful. This interview seemed to be really honest and I appreciate that. Thank you.

I've read versions of that last paragraph of David's in many forms and it never loses its truth. Loved the interview and David's work.

My favorite piece of advice here is "Do not settle for that first image. Craft it, work it, and make something more out of it."

I don't do this enough. In this age of digital, there's no excuse for not shooting, and then re-shooting it better, and doing that again and again.

You know, I haven't yet taken the time to see David's photography, but almost feel I don't need to. What comes through is an enormously capable and insightful man and a thorough professional. Thanks Mike for introducing him to your audience.

This was a great interview. While I really enjoyed the answers, I was also struck by the very high quality level of the questions which opened out the way for the excellent responses. Applause for both people involved!
Best wishes

Reading David's (beautiful) long-winded answers reminded me of the fact that David (with his wife Iris Burnett) in fact has a blog, We're just sayin'
lots more to read there!

I like his comments about shooting your family, and how they might get tired of it. Been shooting my family for years, and they'll gripe on occasion about how I'm always pointing a camera at them. But then they'll admit admit they like my photos better than all the posed "happy snap" shots from before I started making them my subjects.

What a great shot of Bob Marley. I had the great fortune of seeing him in concert at music inn in lenox ma way back in 1978.
I would love to hear the story behind this photograph. Who is he looking at, what is he smiling about?

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