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Wednesday, 01 February 2012


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You just do this to make us realize how much we miss TOP when it's not there, right?

Looking forward to your return.


No, I really don't want anyone to *miss* TOP. I want you to always find it here when you want it. That's *really* what I want.... :-)


Oh no! what should I do for the rest of the week?

Redecorating for the new Oly OM-D?

What! You mean you're going to miss this?


Will you miss the Pentax K 01 mirrorless announcement ?

Calculon said it best.

TOP down, gee one would thing summer has arrived and the TOP is down on your car!

Hmm, too much tea and coffee of late, methinks ...

Mike..as a midwesterner and slightly your senior, could I counsel less coffee grounds, teabag, and health issues. Let's just say off topic. thanks.

For strange values of "down"; I can still see existing content.

Well, whatever. Last I checked I wasn't the one with the gold making the rules here. I hope whatever you're dealing with goes well!

Maintenance?? Pray tell what's up?

Oh, Boy!

Owing to the (pat. pending) Johnson effect, this greatly increases the chance of a major, unexpected camera announcement over the weekend!

We have to wait *that* long for your take on the K-01?! Oy.

I hope it's not because I haven't been ordering enough stuff through the B & H link. I can always order more if it'll help. Just don't tell my wife.

Oh no, where are we going to find erudite views on the Pentax K-01 now?

Best of luck to you Mike. Hope everything goes as planned

I notice that the Ricoh GXR had a new 16mm module coming out in APS-C with a kind of interesting zoom lens. Wish you were around to comment on it.

By the way, did you see that the the new Fuji Pro is gonna be ~$2300 with one lens?

I suppose a recent comments menu is out of the question? heh.

Good luck with whatever it is that needs maintenance, Mike!

Dear Folks,

Actually, it's Mike secret plan to convert this to "TOP: The Online Potable -- All Beverages, All The Time."

pax / honest-as-the-day-is-short ctein

Top Down, Kirk Tuck on coffee break (a long one) Oh my, what is a dedicated follower to do?

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