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Friday, 10 February 2012


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I always thought my lowly, EF 35mm/2.0 punched way above its weight!

Now I know why ~ it's a steaLth lens.


Cheers! Jay

Huh; so it's red for Canon lenses, green for CDs?

I think the original is actually here:

Didn't believe it till I saw the before and afters.

Fixed. Thanks for the heads up.


The 194 comments following the article are funnier than the article itself. Trolls and flames, just like the good old days!

Finally!!! A way to improve lens performance without spendng two years' salary.

That's funny but this is funnier:


The link somebody posted in that thread was even more hardcore http://parkinstyle.tistory.com/60

The aite itself showed a few amazing but scary mods to other lenses as well

I like what he who must not named says. 'L' stands for Expensive as hel'L'.

Hahaha very amused by all the comments and the links-thanks everyone!

You may similarly improve the image quality of Contax mount Zeiss lenses by painting over the letters AE and replacing them with MM (and country of origin from Japan to Germany).


This could get interesting. Take an ordinary Nikon of ancient age, paint a vertical red stripe on the right side grip..Voila a camera worth more by looks alone.
Or maybe paint a Nikkor 70-200 zoom with a white speckled paint so it blends in with all the other Canon zoom shooters at the game!

Sort of PhotoShop for the mind.

To me the point of this is ; if you think you have great equipment.. you will put more effort to take a better picture and put more effort in post processing too. It is the photographer that make the difference.

Love it !

Hmmm. My EF 50mm 1.4 was one of the more disappointing primes I owned. More so since 50mm is my favourite focal length. My personal, one word description would be "boring"


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