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Tuesday, 14 February 2012


I followed the link to the portfolio on Peter's website and I am in awe. We all pursue photography for personal reasons. I am pulled by the concept of photojournalism - recording life. Leading my day-to-day life here in the Midwest US and pursuing a career that can actually put bread on my table, I am mostly relegated to recording life in my small circle of family,friends and community. Seeing a body of work by a skilled photojournalist who has recorded life in the midst of earth-shaking events worldwide just puts me in awe. Peter can be proud of producing such a body of work and we are all privileged that he enables us to share in the emotion of events most of us only read about. Well done and thanks Mike for the link.

Yes a nice collection but that first shot with the brunette in the cafe is absolutely captivating. Pete must be a world class photographer because that is a world class shot IMO.

How many people read the title of this post and thought of a camera or lens?

Valentines Day: Humbug!

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