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Thursday, 23 February 2012


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Personally I like the off topic posts and wouldn't more of them.

I for one like your non photo blogs and yes please take a day off. Not too many jobs require a 7 day workweek. It keeps one fresh and prevents stagnation,even in WS.

How timely! I'm in the market for a small pair of speakers. Thanks Mike!

It's your blog, therefore, a chacun son gout.

Personally, I enjoy your writing, on-or off-topic.

I for one enjoy the "Open Mike" posts as much as I do the photography-related posts. Keep up the great work!

We have to wait until Sunday?

Another vote of support for the off topic posts. They're most enjoyable for this particular reader!

I enjoy everything you write about, keep it up. What!! a day off? Jeez! Well, Okay . . .

Mike, do take a day off every week. To reduce temptation, turn the infernal machine off the night before your day off, and turn it on the morning after. Working all the time isn't good for anyone.

"(Every time I write about anything else I get emails and comments saying some variant of "I thought this was supposed to be a photography site.")"

Perhaps these critics would be assuaged if you spent your Saturday composing a mission statement that reaffirms your passion for blogging about photography.

You're welcome.

That is such a teaser! I have a 'real' amp and real speakers in my office, but both are cheap ebay buys and really not got, and I would love to replace them.

Looking forward to Open Mike!

Keep the off-topic posts coming fast and furious, Mike! also, DO take off one day a week for yourself. If you need to work seven days a week, 8-10 -12 hours a day, maybe you need to hire some extra help...;<) just kidding!

With best regards.


I'm looking forward to it. I trust you, and I trust your reviews much more than the usual HiFi magazines'. And I *like* that you don't restrict your site purely to photography - after all, life is so much more than just one hobby/profession/calling. Hopefully for everyone, even the complainers.

Did you somehow forget to say what pair of small speakers you were planning on reviewing?

Uh, and as a pentax user, I was looking forward to the K5 review. Or did I miss it.

You can please all of the people some of the time... or maybe not.

I almost always read and enjoy your off- topic stuff.

My advice: Keep it up and don't worry much about the people who complain - unless the complaints exceed 30% or so. Then you might consider them - but still might decide to stay the course.

I love gear reviews (any sort of "gear" really), especially when they are geared toward usability rather than a whole bunch of charts and benchmarks. Look forward to the speaker review.

Not sure I understand folks who complain about the content of anything they read voluntarily. Read it, don't read it, but don't complain. Life's too short and there are many things more worthy of complaints.

Mike, I like your off topic posts, keep them coming. They have opened my eyes to a number of good things over the time I have read your blog.

I would ask those who don't appreciate the off topic posts "and how much are you paying to read this blog".

And really, take a day off!

@Hugh Crawford - I'm wary when a sign tells me to "swipe" my credit card. I don't like to even think about my credit card getting swiped.

Kirk Tuck's recent posts come to mind (thanks for introducing me to him). One of the things I love about TOP is that you make me think. Funny thing is, I don't think anything you write is "off topic" . Have fun on your day off.

What Roger Bradbury says. Take extreme measures if you have to. I enjoy all your posts; I don't want you burning yourself out.

I, too, like the OT stuff. I think if this blog had maintained a 100% photo focus, I might have abandoned some time ago. Mixing in a pile of other interesting things, other intereting writers and a focus on good writing are what keep me coming back.

Swan M10, Mike? :-)

BTW, your posts on Audioengine and tube amps a couple of years ago started my on audiophilia. :-) It has been great fun!! Looking forward to your article next Sunday.


I'm the same. Love your off-topic posts. keep them coming.

Geez Mike, I thought this was a coffee roasting site. What's with the photography stuff? Try to hold it down to occasional .....please

Juan Valdez

Mike - If bloggers don't go off topic in a while, it makes it hard for their audience to connect with them. After all, we all like to feel that we have a shared interest, ambition or quirk with those that we spend time with online.

More bloggers should feel free to show their home life and other interests. It makes the ride more interesting.

I have no interest in sound systems at all. But I very much enjoyed your foray into coffee.

By the way - I'm told balance is good. Lock up your Mac on Saturdays.


Well now I'm going to be looking forward to Sunday's post even more :)

I don't think speakers are off topic. I listened to the radio for years while I worked in the darkroom. It was just as valuable as the safelight. Sometimes on, sometimes off, but always available.
On topic comments are also valued.

I really enjoy your musings on pretty much anything. Especially posts that remind me that I don't need to spend money I don't have to obtain quality that I'm usually incapable of perceiving.

Complaints about the off topic stuff are totally beyond the pale, and if not your cup of tea or coffee, then STOP reading the free content.

Audio Engine anyone?

If you were really rich the collecting thing wouldn't be a big deal, lol.

Mike PLEASE keep doing what you are doing. & I'd bet big $$ that's the sentiment of 90% or more of your readers.
Keep up the good work
Thank you

I do not care about coffee or tea and audio may have been an issue for me in the past and autos, well, they are mostly for transport but I read most all posted. Birds are good and astronomy and dogs and science and insulting famous people and the lemmings.

As Roger above mentions I view a good blog as a way to connect with a person on line and all the facets of that person's personality can be explored at leisure. A good blog can be like a novel slowly revealing the person but perhaps without a narrative line. One might like to meet,agree, and argue with the blogger. I must have connected with you and it was not just the photography because I am a nature guy. Keep on.

As far as a day off-fuhggedaboudit, you owe me that for reading every day.

Ummmm...Mike, I dunno how your website is programmed, but perhaps you could take a page out of B&H's.

Friday night at sundown TOP viewers would see a reminder that the site is closed for posts and comments until dawn Sunday, but orders can still be placed through the Portals.

Then you would no longer have to be concerned - the site would be on auto pilot on Saturdays.

I don't think any reader would begrudge a fixed day off for the site.

I'm just sayin'.



I enjoy the off topic posts, but a post telling me that an off topic post is coming is a bit much.

"I enjoy the off topic posts, but a post telling me that an off topic post is coming is a bit much."

And now I officially can't win.


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