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Friday, 06 January 2012


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His eyes and crooked nose give him away...

Ansel Adams. I am currently reading his autobiography, so I have a leg up on his appearance as a younger chap...

Mr. Ansel Adams.

A youthful Anthony Hopkins.

Ansel Adams.

It looks like a young Stanley Kubrick to me.

something about the face suggests Ansel Adams

Resembles Ansel Adams.


Ansel Adams.

Ansel of course!

Ansel Adams



Definitely Ansel.

Or, Ansel Adams

Sure looks like Ansel.

Ansel Adams?

Ansel Adams!

It's Ansel Adams -- the winner by a (very distinctive) nose!

Ansel Adams!

No mystery here, it's Ansel Adams!

Either Abraham Lincoln or the man who shot Jesse James. Just a guess.

Gotta be our old friend Ansel Adams.


Youthful Ansel Adams

Looks like Ansel Adams to me.

It looks like a young, debonair Ansel Adams. But perhaps I'm seeing things.

It sort of looks like Ansel Adams.

Mike Johnston??

Ansel Adams?

Ansel adams?

Looks like Ansel Adams just before he made "Monolith"...


Looks like Stanley Kubrick!

George Eastman

George Eastman?

Abraham Lincoln's body with some random dude's head photochopped in.

Isn't that Ansel Adams?

Ansel Adams

Second guess: Ansel Adams.

Looks like a young Ansel...

Ansel Adams

Piano virtuoso Ansel Adams. Looking only at the nose, he could be mistaken for the photographer Ansel Adams.

Ansell Adams?

Ansel is that you? Haven't I told you that if you hang around with those guys you will soon be dressing like them?

It is Mike Johnston.

The young Ansel Adams?

Saint Ansel?

Might it be John Wilkes Booth wearing a Lincoln type stovepipe hat? How ironic if it is him.

It's Ansel.

Jason in Hawaii has it. The nose, and eyes, are the giveaway.

Ansel Adams, for sure!

"so, who shot the piano player ?"

Virginia Adams. For the three people who are reading this deep into this particular comment thread. [g]


Hmm, Ansel looks like a modern day hipster photog despite the clothes!

looks like Ansel to me

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