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Friday, 06 January 2012


Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams?

Amstel Adams, the lumber baron's son.

...Ansel in Abe's clothing? A bit of digital chicanery?

Ansel Adams!

Ansel Adams perhaps.

Ansel Adams as a young man...I think cause of his eyes....could be wrong...

Okay, I'll play,

George Eastman

A rather dapper Ansel Adams?

Ansel Adams

hah! looks like ansel adams to me.

Based on the eyes and crooked nose... Ansel Adams. A young Ansel Adams.


Ansel Adams in top hat, black tie and tails!


Ansel Adams! Any photographer remotely interested in landscape photography should know this :-)

Ansel Adams

I'll guess it's Ansel, just a guess...

The honorable St. Ansel

Ansel Adams. The nose...

My wild guess: The young musician Ansel Adams. Dressed to kill a grand piano?

Ansel Adams.

Ansel Adams

His name was Michael C. Johnston. His clothing and the small device in his left ear tell us that he was one of President Lincoln's first Secret Service agents. The earpiece was an affectation, because working versions had yet to be invented and the Secret service was not yet charged with protecting the president. Officer Johnston's duties were restricted to tracking down counterfeiters, who were just beginning to think of using photography in their crimes.

Ansel Adams

Ol' A.A.

THe young Gentleman in the top hat is Ansel Adams

Looks like a dapper young Ansel Adams.

Is this YOU when you were young? :)

Is this a trick question? Maybe a reverse of the Civil War Nicolas Cage & Jon Travolta thing, where you've discovered a modern-day Ansel impersonator...

Looks to me like Ansel Adams.

Ansel in his concert pianist garb?

Ansel Adams

Anthony Hopkins?

That be Sir Ansel.

Looks like a young-ish Ansel Adams.

San Francisco native, Ansel Adams.

Ansel Adams.

is it ,you?

Ansel Adams

Looks like a young Ansel Adams

I know, I know! He liked to take bw pics of rocks and trees when he wasn't dressing up to give the Gettysburg Address at drinking parties.

Holy cow Mike, what did you do?

I originally wanted to cheat and keep quiet, but even Tin Eye and Google Images pulled up nothing. >.>

Saint Ansel

Ansel Adams for sure :)

Sherlock Holmes?

Easy peasy...crooked nose from 1906 quake...Ansel.

I believe this is a shot of Ansel Adams......

Ansel Adams


Ansel Adams, I think.

Ansel Adams?

From the look in his eyes, I'd say... Ansel Adams?

Ctein in days of yore? Remember: you said no Googling and to only guess :-)

Looks like Ansel Adams on his way to play a piano concert. Wow! He cleaned up good in those days.


Looks like a young Ansel Adams to me.

Ansel Adams

Looks like Ansel Adams

is it you in your twenties?

Ansel Adams

This one is easy :) Ansel Adams...

ansel adams?

Young Mike Johnston (at his brothers wedding)

Jim Metzger

Ansel Adams


Uncle Ansel, probably dressed for a piano recital. You can tell by his eyes.

Without the benefit of an image search beyond what's in my atrophied brain I'm thinking it's a youngish Ansel Adams.

Looks like Ansel Adams

A young Ansel Adams?

Ansel Adams.

From the eyes, I'd guess a young Ansel Adams.

Ansel Adams

A very young Ansel Adams

It's Ansel Adams

the eyes, beard and moustache remind me of an early Ansel Adams...

Ansel Adams?

St. Ansel.


Is it a young Ansel dressed up for a piano performance?

Ansel Adams.

ansel adams

ansel adams

That would be a somewhat dandified Ansel.

My guess is fine art photographer and Magnum member Alec Soth.

Ansel Adams?


That looks like Ansel Adams.


Anel Adams. The nose gives it away.

Ansel Adams...I can see it in his eyes..(I think)


Ansel Adams?

Unbelievable! Ansel Adams, but with a different hat... His piano days?

Ansel Adams maybe? Looks like his eyes. Just saw an exhibit of his work yesterday at a museum in Utica N.Y. It was my first time seeing any of his own prints. Stunningly beautiful...

Isn't that Ansel?

Ansel Adams, probably dressed up for the Bracebridge Dinner.

Ansel... Look at the nose!

Ansel Adams

A very young Ansel Adams? Also, the portrait looks Berenice Abbott-ish. (I expect to be pretty embarrassed when the actual subject and photographer are revealed.)

Broken nose = Ansel Adams

ansel adams

Maybe time for a small clue? I don't think it's too much of a gimme to reveal this is a self portrait.

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