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Friday, 27 January 2012


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I had the great fortune to meet Michihiro a few times (even going on a photo shoot with him once). Passionate is apt description. He was very knowledgeable as well---it was fascinating to hear stories from him.

Rest in peace.


Some years ago I had the oportunity to meet Mr. Carver Mead, one of the founders of Foveon and more important, one of the scientist that developed the standars and tools that made VLSI chips possible. We invited him to our University for a talk on modern physics education in engineering. At the end, he spent about half hour talking about the Foveon chip and the relationship of his company with Sigma. He had only excellent words when he refered to Mr. Michihiro Yamaki, telling us that they had found the best possible partner in Japan, being very passionate and a top collaborator in bussines and in the scientific developments that the Foveon chip still required. I wish the best to Sigma now that it lost his father.


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