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Thursday, 12 January 2012


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Top Prints please ;-)

I not only love the shots but circular prints would also be fun and have additional appeal for being slightly geeky.

Stephen's modern circular work definitely stands out. I don't know how I found him, but when his images splash across my Google reader or my Tumblr feed, I am always refreshed and inspired.

Those are really cool. Shooting (or I guess I should say cropping) in a circular format never occurred to me, but I'd like to try it after seeing these images.

I am not a fan of non-squared photographic frames. They generally twang as distracting, often sickeningly sentimental, affectations. I can honestly say that I've never seen a circular-framed photo that I'd waste water on if it caught fire.

Until today.

You've managed to select and compose scenes excellently for the circle, the best I've seen. My personal test is to imagine the image in a rectangle or square. As the optometrists say, would it be better, worse, or about the same? To the extent I can imagine, I come up with worse for most of your images.

Outstanding stuff, Stephen. And I completely agree that there's some good stuff for a print sale in there.

I've been wondering about breaking away from the "cornered" formats, and I'm glad someone has done it. I'm assuming this is created with a PS mask?

Amazing and creative use of what could have been a gimmicky format. Great work!

Cool shot. I had to blink once or twice before dawn broke over Marblehead. (Old Yankee expression.)

Cutting custom mats would be easy to do but does anyone make round frames? I can't remember seeing any.

Yes. Interesting work.


I can't help feeling that I'm being invited to look through a hole into another world....

Gillette's work is excellent, I've blogged it myself earlier.
He also has an addiction to serious compact cameras, something I share, so we meet virtually sometimes and shoot up.
Oh yeah, I interviewed him about that here:

And about his photos here:

I agree with Kenneth Tanaka, Circular prints have always seemed very gimmicky to me. Especially most of the "fish-eye" views. What I like about Stephen's images, is they seem to poke fun at the circular shape. In a lot of the photos, I find my eye looking toward the corners which aren't there. In others, there is a strong rectangular shape (angular shadows, a table, vertical lines) that contrast the circular border.
I like these, thanks Stephen.

Art-historically speaking, the tondo (plural, tondi) is an important referend [en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tondo_(art)]. A famous circular composition from a different tradition that comes to mind is from the Aztecs (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coyolxauhqui). I'd be curious if fellow readers can point to other examples.

Had a lot of fun with the old $59 Circular Fish Eye from Spiratone Camera years ago. I think it was made in Russia.
Darn if I know what happen to it. Images seemed to have disappeared also.

Also not a huge fan of circular cropped images but Stephen (I call him Steve) has managed to change my usually unbudgeable mind with this photo. Good work! As always fresh and inventive. Oh, and do I see the color reflection of the Venice Monk here? Nahhhh, probably not : [

"Cutting custom mats would be easy to do but does anyone make round frames? I can't remember seeing any."

That's where a square whole with a round peg works out well. ;>

I never thought I'd have to say this, but you've found YET ONE MORE person who's a better and more interesting photographer than I am, in every possible way.

Even with the lack of corners and a symmetrical frame it is very interesting to me how the images still have orientation - a definite sense of "up".

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