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Friday, 13 January 2012


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Walt Kelly, creator of Pogo, would never do a strip for Friday the 13th, often the place where the strip was blocked to be, it was blank.

Wise man!

Happy Friday 13th to you, Mike. Thanks for your site from someone who was born on Friday 13th of September, 1946. (I'm not very superstitious...)

Interesting music. Not sure about Lacy's soprano sax, which at times sounds like a drunk man quarreling in an alley on Mardi Gras, but I love the bass. And the piano is just so Monk-esque. Steve Lacy had several stints with Thelonious Monk, which shows in this theme. Thanks for posting.


Thanks!!!!!! Monk, Sonny and Neil in one post. I am in heaven.


Listening to old vinyl to go with my old Onkyo, amazing how otherwise great performers felt the need to do endless crappy Beatles covers. Everyone but everyone was doing them. Seem to remember reading that Monk was about the only one ever to have refused.

I am musically daft even though I've been messin' with a guitar for years now. I love Classic Rock (the real good stuff) Real Classic, Blues, Reggae, some Celtic, Folk and I'm trying to like jazz. The pop stuff is ok and I know some think Miles Davis is the 2nd coming and can appreciate Miles until he keeps playing bumble bee on his horn until I want to shout "ok dude I get it. You can play bumble bee with your horn" I'm gonna have to deepen my love of music to get into that Monk/Rollins tune. yikes!! LOl

Only listened to it this morning - what a lovely crazy piece! At the bottom there seems to be nothing more than what later (in my garage band environment) came to be known as a 'Hit the road, Jack - progression'. One of the very few times I can at least think that I hear the chords correctly. And to top it off ( not that it is really important), there are two Dutch musicians involved - Mengelberg and Bennink, the craziest (in the very best sense of the word) musical pair that Holland has ever seen. Thank you, Mike! Wish there were more bad luck days...

Thanks for sharing, Mike. And, finally, someone else who A) remembers and B) appreciates Neil and the Shocking Pinks!

What Biro said. I borrowed a friend's LP back when it was new and made a mediocre cassette dupe. Years later I was looking for a CD and the only available was a French import. $17, ouch.

But I had to.

It may or may not be surprising but today the LP is on my list of older stuff to track down.

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