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Saturday, 14 January 2012


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DP Review describes the XS/1000D as a 'reheated' XTi/400D (same sensor). Luminous Landscape indicates that the 400D is good enough to be a pro's backup. I have owned a 400D and handled a friend's 1000D.

Let's start with the negatives:
* the ergonomics don't suit my large hands (but apparently adding a grip helps a lot)
* no spot metering
* the viewfinder is small and dim
* I liked having the settings displayed on the rear screen (they were easy to read in any light), but the 1000D lacks a sensor which turns off the screen when you lift the camera to your eye
* holding down the exp. comp. button while turning the front dial wasn't fun

Now the good:
* excellent image quality
* it's a budget camera but it's got everything that you need in a photographic tool (some might disagree due to the lack of spot metering)
* direct access buttons for ISO and WB. The 400D "got out of the way" and in many ways the user interface was better than the xxD series. The 1000D user interface is essentially the same.
* light and compact

To me the 1000D is ideal for:
* people on a budget
* beginners
* a backup to a big beast
* a second camera to use in a high-risk environment
* a light walkabout camera for those who own a big black brick

Zooms have their uses but they make the minds of photographers lazy. If you gave the 1000D to a beginner without the zoom and with the following you'd have a light, compact, and "cheap" kit that would train them well:
* Canon EF 28mm f/2.8 (45mm-e, standard)
* Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 (80mm-e). Alternatively, spend a heap more on the EF-S 60mm macro and get a much better two-stop spread of focal lengths, much better bokeh, and the fun of macro.

If you want to add a budget dedicated flash with tilt and swivel I recommend the Nissin Di622. Yong Nuo flashes are ok but much less powerful than stated.

I have owned these last five items.

Yikes Mike,
Not a good deal! For $50 more get the Rebel XT from Amazon...released 2 1/2 years later. Includes a much better sensor and full HD video.

He-who-must-not-be-named must be the Fake Ken Rockwell.

"Yikes Mike,
Not a good deal! For $50 more get the Rebel XT from Amazon...released 2 1/2 years later. Includes a much better sensor and full HD video."

Er, the Rebel XT is older than the XS. The link, however, is to the Rebel T3, which is indeed more recent than both XT and XS.

By the way, the deal that Mike links to says "sold by Woot", which I assume refers to the flash deal website woot.com, which partnership is news to me, and an interesting development.


As an EXTREMELY happy XTI/400D owner, I'd say you have the plus's pretty well about nailed. I also have a 50D that I purchased on impulse when it was the hot thing but I still find myself using my 400D with grip much more regularly. Most of the time with my film-era Sigma 24/2.8 mounted on it.

As you say, it's a good backup and a good high-risk environment camera and for people on a budget. A co-worker just picked up a used one sans-lens but with grip, two Canon batteries, 4 GIG memory card, all cables, strap, etc., in what looks like pretty good condition for $150.- It may not be state of the art anymore, but that is a LOT of camera for that sum of money and if someone can't take fantastic pictures with it, they couldn't take a fantastic picture with the latest and greatest.

woot is now owned by Amazon.

This is not a new price they had a deal of the day a month ago.


I agree with JB, this is not a good deal. don't waste your money.

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