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Friday, 09 December 2011


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Believe it or not, Amazon just had this as one of their "Lightning Deals" the other day. Around $150 in the end. While it seems it won't exactly fit in my stocking it *will* make a nice anniversary gift. Or so I told my wife...

Keep an eye out--I've notice some these Lightning Deals are repeating every few days.


I wonder if the portrait of Ansel provided the inspiration for Andreas Feininger's portrait of Dennis Stock. Man, I love that shot. A reproduction hangs in my studio.

So that picture of Ansel by Edward was taken in 1936 , and Andreas Feininger's photograph of Dennis Stock was taken in 1955?


Can't help there, but I do own the 1947 book "Fifty Photographs" by Weston, designed by Armitage and printed by Lynton Kistler. This was a nicely done edition of 1500 copies initialed by Weston.

I saw this book advertised and asked the same question, after doing a double-take at the local prices in Sydney.

In Australia, this book is advertised at $350 in a speciality bookstore, $439 at a large bookseller chain, and $689 at another large bookseller chain. Amazon price is $200. The AUD and USD are at approximate parity.

And people wonder why Australians, in particular, are ditching bricks and mortar stores for the internet.

As I'm sure you're aware, that's quite a treasure!


Knew that he use Contax (and Hasselblad) but never saw a real Contax I in action. I search and look at some video of the Contax I in you tube like this one


It is really a camera made by a committee, isn't it? Lecia 3 (like Apple) is a camera made by one person for one person (the photographer).

Both posing is too artificial as they are not looking at anything they need their hand to adjust. Ansel even worst. Is it 8x10 contact print ... may be that is excusable.

"As I'm sure you're aware, that's quite a treasure!"

If the "Buy it Now" price for the below eBay auction is even remotely close to reflecting the current market price for this limited-edition Weston book-and-print combo, then my friend Jim (who has copy No. 281) is sitting on quite a treasure as well.


Unfortunately, he showed his wife the auction and she is now following him around the house pestering him to sell his copy...

Switching gears, I confess to having broke down and ordered a copy of the featured book from your link. I tried to resist, but you know how that goes, I'm sure...

"Both posing is too artificial as they are not looking at anything they need their hand to adjust. Ansel even worst. Is it 8x10 contact print ... may be that is excusable."

Well Ansel doesn't have the part of the viewfinder that you would look through in front of his eye, but the whole point of those cameras is that you don't have to look at them to adjust them.

I could swear that there is a Rodchenko or Dziga Vertov photo that predates both of these , but I can't find it.

Thanks Mike, Just ordered it. My biggest disappointment was not being able to buy a 10 print collection of his back in 1960,when he had a show at the George Eastman House.
Just didn't have the $100.00. Imagine $10/print.

I can't speak to the question of this book, but I can highly recommend another, even though it only has 110 pictures:


The reproductions are extremely good, and Lodima Press did just what Tom Frost suggests: The reproductions of early platinum and later silver prints are printed on different papers with different inks.

And, it looks to me like Ansel is looking through the right part of the camera. It looks to me like the Contax has an external viewfinder that can be adjusted for different focal lengths. It just doesn't look as cool as the one on Stock's Leica.


Hugh, the Dziga Vertov photo is here (scroll down a bit):


David is right, Ansel is looking through the auxiliary turret finder. The Contax I had a regular finder for the 50mm lens, a separate rangefinder (these two would be combined in the Contax II that came out in 1936, the year this photo was taken), and for the other focal length you needed the auxiliary finder for 5 focal lengths. I am not sure, but the lens he is using could be the f/2.8 35mm Biogon (very different construction than later Biogons), it does not look like one of the 50mm ones.
According to a letter to his wife (from his book of letters), Ansel got the Contax plus a 5x7 Zeiss Juwel view camera as a gift from Dr. Karl Bauer, the president of Zeiss North America at the time.

Thanks for the heads-up, Mike. Yup, I grabbed one from the link. (And it appears that by waiting a day or so I saved $20!)

Here at the Art Institute of Chicago we have an excellent collection of over 240 Edward Weston prints, some of which I see quite frequently as they're popular requests for viewing in the study room. So I've become a bit jaded and spoiled on his work.

But your piece made me realize that I've nearly no representation of Edward Weston in my own book collection. So this was a perfect way to fill that hole.

The reproductions in the Lodima book ("Edward Weston Life Work") are indeed outstanding, and I thought I had the ultimate Weston book. However I am still tempted by this new book because all of the photographs from the Lodima book are from a single private collection, so maybe the new title could have a better choice of photographs.

For a rather negative review of the Ammo book, see message #7 on this large format photography forum thread:

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