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Tuesday, 20 December 2011


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I did order a few things the other day from Amazon via this site. I hopped around some within Amazon for a while... is there any way for me (or you) to know if my purchases "registered" for TOP?


Thanks for the site. It is the least we can do to buy through your links. Could have been a bit higher. I dithered about buying an S95 yesterday, and when I came back to do it, they were all gone! I should have known better.

Happy holidays to you.

Your welcome.

Sorry, you're welcome.

Actually, they do sell food, at least in Seattle ("Amazon Fresh").

Yeah. Sorry to break the news, Mike, but they do sell food, of sorts. Check out the "Grocery" department.

Any hope to have the recently opened "amazon.it" as one of your links?


You asked for this;


Partial quote from one of the amazon gourmets
"I wasn't sure what to expect from a $50 gallon of milk, but when I poured Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon on my Alphabits, they arranged themselves into the Gettysburg Address. When I put Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz on my Rice Krispies, they sang opera." (by Jeannette Gutierrez)


what about links to Amazon Italy?

If I can figure out how to buy Kindle books through your site, I'll do it. New Year resolution for 2012.

I have faithfully run every amazon purchase through your links all year. B&H, too. Sometimes even food I can't get locally. ;)

Yes they do sell food. You can watch movies on line, buy food, sell your books and even buy soap (but who needs that if you never leave home) . Amazon does it all, except for getting a wife, maybe we still do need soap.

Amazon also sells some food-like substances. More than once I've ordered a case of Spam from Amazon.

"Mike, what about links to Amazon Italy?"

I'll work on that.


Considering the ratio of good photography blogs to photographers, it seems like running a decent blog is much harder. Thanks for keeping it going!

"More than once I've ordered a case of Spam from Amazon."

I get lots of spam too, but not necessarily from Amazon.


That Amazon gift card was the perfect solution to a gift problem. And one day free shipping. Whats not to like?

You're welcome, Mike. I have my bookmark set to go through here, so the TV set I ordered for my Dad got counted.

Looking towards 2012, have you considered expanding you social network as yet? I was looking at this and wondered . . .

Season's Best!!!

I read your blog weekly, daily when I can, and always make sure I access Amazon.com through your site for anything - photographic or not. But, I forget to do the one thing I do with all the people I like and respect the most. And that is to wish you a Merry Christmas.

And thank you.

Rick Wilcox
Eugene, Oregon

Well, I am going to get an S95 after all, thanks to TOP. I did a bit of searching after making my post above and found that B&H sells refurbished S95s in its Used Store. Not quite as good a price as the Amazon Deal of the Day, but pretty good. I am assuming you get credit for sales made in the used store.

Mike: Do you get credit if I bookmark B&H on my browser? I seem to remember that Amazon sales work through a bookmark, but not so B&H. Is that correct?

Happy holidays to all!

And thanks again Mike.

May I suggest that all who appreciate Mike's blog send him a subscription donation. I did because I realized that I derive more information and pleasure from it than from any of the magazine subscriptions that I have. I would miss this site more than any of those subscriptions if it stopped. So it seemed to me to be a no-brainer to send him something to support the cause. BTW, I do not know Mike and he did not solicit this comment. Thanks, Mike, for publishing TOP.

And thank you! I was so intrigued by the Piaoi tea pot that Ctein talked so highly about I bought one for my wife. Thanks for the idea! I am still wrestling with the idea of a siphon coffee pot for my self. :-)

Mike, if I may, Amazon has now opened a store for Spain (amazon.es), so if you have many customers from this country you may want to include the Spanish shop in your scheme.

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