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Tuesday, 06 December 2011


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For the price, does the frigging awesome sony-zeiss include a microwave capability for cold mornings?
And a superawesome laserdriven SSCMW [SuperSonicColdMorningWarmer] feature?

Or, due to the name, have a little but variable sun within? [Vario Sonnar coming from Variable Sun]?

That would be nice.

While visiting my daughter at Appalachian State, we had lunch at a popular sandwich shop. I ordered a Reuben sandwich, to which my college-aged waiter responded, "Reuben, dig it." I hadn't heard that expression used except facetiously in years. So I guess it's still out there, and still used in some quarters.

As one that DOES remember all that stuff from the 50s and 60s I think it's all so bitchen.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

"Fr*ck*n" obscene? F*ck no! lol...

Is it just me or is there a disturbing overabundance of Orwellian photos this year?

@ Mike (Re the 50s and 60s): "I was 13 years old in 1970 and don't remember any of it"

Hmm. As they say about the 60s, if you can remember it, you weren't there. : )

This xkcd seems appropos:


Now get off my lawn!

We said 'dig it' when I was thirteen (mid 70's)... But, IIRC, it pretty much disappeared from everyone's vocabulary by the early 80's.

Hooray, Hitchcock. North by Northwest, To Catch A Thief, Foreign Correspondent, The 39 Steps, The Lady Vanishes, Lifeboat -- the movies; we didn't get the series in my misspent overseas youth...

Mike, you don't like zoom lenses!

Why can't I upgrade the sensor in my R1 !

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