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Friday, 02 December 2011


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Who knew white plastic was so expensive?

Thanks for the head's up, Mike. I have the LX-3 and love it. Bought this one for my Dad (who is using a very old, very large Lumix).


A Fiat 500 for a sweet deal.

Well, there's $300 I wasn't planning on spending today. Time to figure out the story to tell the Misses as to why I need this...

Ordered. That's an amazing price for one, so thanks for the heads-up.

I justified the purchase by calling it my wife's Christmas present. I hope that she likes it as much as I will.

I am a film shooter, sold my DSLR a year ago to pay for a Rollei, but lately I've been craving a compact, high-quality digital camera for video and for those occassions when I don't want the to deal with the time or expense of film. This Lumix is exactly what I've been looking for and I had to snatch it up today for the price. I hope I'm not disappointed.

Done! After yesterday's FiatCam discussion I found myself in the mood to upgrade my LX3, and this is the no-brainer way to accomplish that trick (and for much less than I paid for the LX3). Now they just need to offer a close-out deal on that so-so but so-needed EVF.



Thanks for the notice! It made it easy to finalize a decision. I just ordered two and sure hope you got the credit for them.

Thanks for pointing this out, Mike. I tried ordering, but it appears that Amazon won't ship this one to Europe. No wonder, it costs twice as much here ...

Really wanted one of these.
Added one to my cart, went through all the new customer signup only to be told at the end of the checkout phase that they won't ship to Canada.

More camera than my son was looking for and for about $100 under budget. I called him, he talked to his new bride, and placed an order. Thanks for the heads up.

Dammit. Ordered. Now you get the credit...... Oh well, my buddy, Paul, had been bragging about how he picked up a mint one last week for "only" $295. The price I just paid? On Amazon? $269. I can hardly wait for our next lunch....

Thanks so much. I've been waiting to buy one of these on the cheap ever since my LX3 was stolen out of my car. I was even considering a used LX3, because the camera was just so good. I hope the LX5 lives up to the reputation.

I'm glad I am finally able to support the site.

"I would be really curious how many people wound up ordering on thanks to your post."

49 orders, but only 44 fulfilled by Amazon so far. So it's possible 5 people ordered too late and are going to be disappointed. I hope not, though.


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