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Friday, 30 December 2011


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Placed two orders

No S100 for me! But you should see a dime or two on 4 other items I just purchased, so that should help run up the count.

Who needs a point and shoot when you have an iPhone ??

5 books ordered (I received an Amazon gift card as a holiday bonus, so this was a fortuitous confluence of interests). (Would that make a great band name or what?)

Thanks for running a great site.

Just ordered some SDHC cards through your Amazon link. I hope you reach your target!

Mike, please keep us posted on your progress to reach the next threshold. I am about to purchase a portable generator but it is more expensive through Amazon (it's really the shipping charge) so I normally would go for the best bargain, but if my small contribution is needed, I will gladly pay the few extra dollars to help the cause.


Would you welcome recommended products from Amazon? My brother bought me the Perfect Jazz Collection for Christmas and I have to say it is a steal at twice the price.

make that 157

If it is very close, would it be wrong for you (or anyone else here) to use http://www.filleritem.com?

Job done,not a Canon S100 though,went for "God is not Great" by Christopher Hitchens.

Hope you reach the target Mike and may I wish both Zander and yourself + TOP a happy New Year.

I go to Amazon first for most things now - computer hardware and software, car parts, clothes, not just cameras and books.

Saves a lot of time.

Okay, Mike... I just ordered three Orson Welles films that I've been meaning to pick up on DVD - just for you. Good luck! Only 15 and a half hours left as I type this at 8:30am NYT on Saturday, December 31st. Come on, everybody!

It should be one less now... Happy New Year...

#1 done!
157 to go ;)

Okay, now you need 155.

Will order a book or two today.

Happy New Year my friend.

Since I am a Prime member, I ordered a lot of small end of the year items as separate orders, logging in through your site each time.:-) You should set up a simple page that redirects to Amazon with your tag,then we can just bookmark that page for amazon and put it on our bookmark bar.

4 more items - come on guys, only 142 to go!

Done. Ordered 3 items. So now it's 150 to go. Hopefully by the time this comment is posted it will have already reached zero.

Happy New Year!

And another 5, leaving 137 for the rest of the readership to buy in the remaining hours of the year.

Took the opportunity to finally grab copies of "The Dusseldorf School" and "Snapshot: Painters and Photography, Bonnard to Vuillard (Phillips Collection)".

A healthy, happy 2012 to all TOP-pers!

I ordered three more things. Hope you make it!

Rilke & Runcimann
Hope it helps


Glad to help! Just ordered printer ink - my goodness, it's always printer ink.

A word of appreciation for your site: it is informative, engaging and entertaining. It's a daily stop on my browsing. So much I've learned from the guest writers and yourself on the methods and habits around "seeing" and making photographs - around practiced workflow and serendipitous discovery - that I'm delighted to take a moment and thank you for continuing on in this endeavor. Best regards for 2012!

Hi Mike, here's my small contribution to your 158 item quest form Amazon UK:
"Half Life", Michael Ackerman; "Information is Beautiful" McCandless; "Inferno" James Nachtwey.

Happy New Year!!!

Thanks for letting us know. Got a few Kindle books. Hope it helps take you over the top.

4 items ordered. Had to delete them from my Wish List first.

Hope you make the quota. You truly deserve a bonus for great work this year!


Thanks for the nudge. I'd been meaning to order some ink for the new Epson - I've been going through the black/light black/light light black at an alarming rate. 4 items down.

Four more items: Nikon MC-DC2 remote, LensPen, Rocket Air medium, and Donald Harrison's "Indian Blues" CD. I hope this helps get the total to 158 and beyond.

Happy New Year, Mike!

5 more from me; all the little things I wish I'd gotten for xmas: lenspen kit, gorillapod, 16gb cf card, manfrotto 175-1 clamp, whibal card.

Happy New Year, Mike.

Hope cost doesn't matter. My $1.50 lens cap is on the way.

Bought two items. Hope I made it in time!

C'mon Mike- did you hit the total?

Hope Kindle books count (purchased yesterday).

Did you reach the target ?

(New Year's resolution: remember to buy my printer ink through TOP...)

Bought a couple of vinyl records, and hope they registered to you. Though I still earn money as a computer programmer, I've lost my infatuation with digital; and now consider it, like the automobile before it , a disruptive technology whose negative attributes may outweigh its benefits to society. Going back to vinyl.

"Going back to vinyl."

I hope you enjoy it. I "went back" too...except I find I never use my vinyl rig.

When it comes down to it, the music's the thing. I love music and listen to it every single day, without fail. And right here next to my right arm I have a heavily modified Rega P3-24 setup with a Dyna 10X5 high-output moving-coil cartridge. Right behind my head a have a 3-foot shelf of my favorite record albums in vinyl, from valuable originals to pristine premium reissues. AND, I can definitely tell the difference in sound quality--my vinyl records do sound better than digital AIFF and Apple Lossless files played through the computer. The difference is not huge but distinctly noticeable.

And yet, despite REPEATED resolutions to listen to at least a side of vinyl a day...I just don't. I find it just doesn't give me that much more pleasurable an experience than listening off iTunes. The reward is not sufficient to modify my behavior.

Your experience might, of course, be different.

I wish I were more committed to my connoisseurship, but as an empiricist I have to report the way it actually is for me....


P.S. However your comment provoked me to put on the Jazz Wax disc of "Ben Webster Meets Oscar Peterson," and you should get this. Superb.

did you make it?

See the Update to the post...alas....


Sorry you didn't make the magic number Mike, but thanks heaps for the S100 heads up. They're still damned hard to get here in Oz, particularly the silver one - so, I've purchased two, one on behalf of a like minded mate.

So, cheers and thanks for your site - always entertaining. Happy New Year from Downunder!

Hi Mike,
Just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your site every day!
I like to help you out by ordering from Amazon through your link but I often forget to do that if I'm not specifically thinking about it.
So for absent minded folks like me would you consider putting a gentle reminder like this one on your site more frequently just to jog my memory? I feel bad that you missed your upgrade by so few items but with more reminders I know I will do better in 2012.
Best wishes for the New Year


Unfortunately, I was out camping in the desert at the time and away from the computer... Could you not game the system, though, by having a friend order a large number of cheap items?

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