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Thursday, 10 November 2011


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El capitan! Somehow demistying Ansel Adams. But I don't think Thomas likes posing that much, I sens some reluctance in his posture. Must been taken at the Whitechapel gallery. I saw the same show in Dusseldorf (twice).

Greetings, Ed

The book mentioned, Works 80-08, really is an outstanding thing. Very good reproductions and quite a lot of them, too.

There was a really great in-depth article on Struth in the New Yorker last month (subscription required to read the whole thing): http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2011/09/26/110926fa_fact_malcolm

Damn I learn a lot about photography here. Thank you, again and again and again. The entire Gursky thing has been yet another revelation. Where have I been?

I looked at Rhein II, thought "snapshot, meh...." and then did the Vimeo clip and then thought...and thought, and thought some more. Cripes, he's good.

Did I say thanks TOPS?

The Struth show was excellent, and the Whitechapel Gallery is now maybe my favourite place to see photography in London. This particular print of 'El Capitan' was actually one of a few that looked worse on the wall than in the catalogue. To my eyes the highlights were blown, but hey, I'm sure these guys know what they're doing, and approve each photograph before it is hanged even if they don't craft the print themselves, right?

I published my take on the show here:

It may be just me, but is the chap on the left "marking his territory"?

The problem with Gursky books is they have to be real large, otherwise you wonder--see the original post below--what it's all about.

"Works 80-08" is fine if you want to *know* about Andreas Gursky and his development, but 8x10 is far too small to appreciate the pictures. I'd recommend the MoMa book (http://www.bookdepository.com/Andreas-Gursky-Peter-Galassi/9780870700163) which is very enjoyable.

You could call Robert Phillips's shot, "Two and a half men"!

Well, if I had taken that photo, someone would have asked me why I included the road and cars! Just saying.

I don't like to pay for photographed images where some things were erased. This can be art but I don't see them as photography. But my taste is not the current norm, so every person that goes for the money need to purchased this book, this will be a very expensive item for the art world, those I will never will penetrate.

Saw a show of Thomas Struth's work.
Lovely stuff. I especially liked his museum photos. Well worth seeing in person.

The Works 80-08 book is indeed good, but there is the problem that Gursky's prints are huge and normal books are not, so there is somewhat big discrepancy in Gursky's case in looking at a print vs. looking at a book.

That said, most of the pictures don't look bad at all in a small size, it's just not how Gursky intended them.

Ah, thanks Mike,

The nice thing about 80-08 is that it also contains the early work of Gursky befory he shot to fame in the nineties. Pictures of Germany and the same part of Germany that lies next to my doorstep. And seeing a photographer develop his tallent on about 300 pages is also very exiting. And I must admit the early work of Gursky is more to my liking then his later work. Then he foremost used the camera to create the image and not the computer to create his vision on the image. Not that I dislike computer editing (I put the Ed in editing :-)) but his pallet changed somewhat in the last years (more brilliant) and I think I liked his more subdued, older pallet a little better.

Greetings, Ed

Hendrik. Wait till 1-9-2012......then go to Dusseldorf. Gursky will open at the Museum Kunstpalast. And he's currently on display at the Gagosian in New York. New work and somewhat older one. The new work was made in Bangkok and features the Chao Praya river up close and personal. Not the glistening Gursky world but man he's done it again.


Greetings, Ed


Thank you for the publicity.

It is always encouraging to hear such positive responses to my work. Maybe I should enter something into your print sale - it looks like we would have at least one buyer in Holland ?


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