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Wednesday, 09 November 2011


Love it.

I would never have read that as an affectionate moment. Her expression doesn't work for that for me.

The picture is OK, but the story is priceless!

This is awesome. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Permission to imagine....

This reminds me what I like so much about pictorial art and find so difficult about moving images.

If the same story above had been depicted as a short movie, the sound track would have taken away the opportunity to imagine something totally different.

A simple photo stands there to be judged in your own frame of reference, allowing you to invent your own story and connect on a personal level.

I've nothing against movies per se, but I can never connect with them on a personal level, only on a level of respectful acknowledgement of a message delivered and understood. It's one way traffic.

Funnily enough music does the same for me as a photo, as long as there is no darn video to go with it. With music you can make up your own pictures.

If you hadn't told me the story behind the picture.... I would of guessed she just caught him getting sweets out of the refrigerator...or "ice box" as my grandparents called it. I guess thats why Wilson Hicks book on photojournalism was called "Words and Pictures"

My grandparents will be celebrating their 72nd anniversary soon and this so reminds me of them. I think the affection in her face is more noticeable when you view the image larger. Great shot.

Thanks for the article - I like the photo too.

I wonder how print-size would affect the presentation? To me, it would be a great large print because the formal composition would be more obvious. As a small print it could easily come across as a careless snapshot.

I like the back story to this photograph. It adds meaning for me. Sure, I can view a photograph and make up my own story but I prefer to hear the photographer's narrative.

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