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Monday, 21 November 2011


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I have used your link to amazon.de as my standard bookmark for many months now. It would be dreadful if your literate and courteous site were to fail for want of the necessary financial support.

Do you also have a referral link for Amazon.co.uk? Would love to support TOP more, but hardly use Amazon.com

If I open the page for something in my wish list, from my wish list, and then add it to my cart, does that work? Hope so, that's what I did last week :)

Made my first visit to B&H Photo (physical store) while on my first trip to NYC lately - what an amazing place! Didn't buy anything then, but will have to remember to order online from them in future.

Very happy with B&H. Gets to Australia in half the time of Australian companies.

Hmmm, I'm afraid I let you down with regards to that last bit, to the tune a a commission on a D7000. Sorry if that is the case. I certainly went to Amazon through your site, then of course agonized for days between several selections! Ultimately went through your site again for the purchase, but I doubt that I added anything to the cart on that last trip.

As the world moves more and more to smartphones to accomplish every day tasks, I have a question--Amazon has a very nifty iPhone app. I try to buy all of my Amazon and B and H stuff through your links. Is there any way to credit you while using an iPhone app?

Via this site (which is a wonderful contribution to my morning read) in celebration of a mortgage refin that was considerably less painful than anticipated, I just popped for the Olympus M. Zuiko Digital ED 45mm f/1.8. Got a 'free' 2 day delivery from Amazon, as well.

I have mixed feelings about this competition. I certainly don't want to be hyper-critical of the images submitted, but this was supposedly a competition to select the most salable image for printing, was it not?

In the interest of full disclosure, I generally prefer landscape/nature images in the prints I purchase. Very few of the images originally posted online were of much interest at all. One of them, "two roads" was mis-titled. It was obviously one road with the switchback or hairpin turn chopped off. Most of the rest simply did not motivate me to say "I'd like one of that". The one possible exception was the night image, with star trails, of Old Faithful erupting. It is a rather unique image.

As others have observed, the barbershop image has a Norman Rockwell quality to it, but I doubt that I would purchase it. It is a nice image nonetheless.

The road with telephone pole strikes me more as a poster than a fine art print, but I suppose that is a matter of taste.

The point, I guess, is just how marketable are any of these images? Don't get me wrong, in my own photography I take pictures of things of interest to me with no concern whatsoever for marketability or whatever as I am an amateur and enjoy photography simply for myself, not others.

It will be interesting to see which image is selected and how many people who voted purchase it. (I did not vote as I did not see any that I felt I would purchase.)

I'll second a request for a amazon.co.uk link - with Chrimbo coming up, you'll be getting a big ol' slice of pie from me.

Hope the print sale also works well. Yesterday finally got myself the Oly EP-3, 17mm and VF-2 through your links. Have been reading your texts (and the book) since they first appeared on Luminous Landscape and your writing is my absolute favourite of the whole internet. Keep up the excellent work!

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