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Monday, 03 October 2011


Very sad to see Kirk's blog go, but if it's better for him, then well, who am I to complain?

As one of that small group who looked long and hard I can say it is sad to see SoFoBoMo go. Unfortunately the effort required to do this sort of thing properly quickly exceeds the capacity of a small group of (part time) volunteers.
More respect to the likes of yourself who can keep this up day in day out.

Hi Mike,

I hope Kirk does take you up on your offer. I have been reading his blog for 6 months or so (maybe more), and I have a feeling I found it through TOP, so it would be a nice to see him post here on a regular (monthly) basis. Kirk's writing is excellent, and I was always surprised at how prolific he was, considering he also had a full time business to run. I too, like many people, keep a blog (for a photogroup that I'm part of), but could never write such long articles as prolifically as the VSL. It has to be a labour of love, like the need to take photographs just for yourself, if you are to continue on a non profit basis. Hopefully Kirk will continue to write occasionally


Visual Science Lab was unique. I will miss it.

Kirk and your blog were the 2 blogs I read every day. I will miss Kirk and hope that you continue on a long run.

Fingers crossed that Kirk accepts your offer.

It'd be a shame to keep all that talent and enthusiasm bottled up in Austin.

I tried to add a comment to the long list of regretful but appreciative comments on Kirk Tuck's blog. Unlike Kirk, who has become a formidable wordsmith, I just couldn't get the words together. I'm not aware of another commercial photographer who has been as generous and open as Kirk, at least on the Net. Visual Science Lab has been at the top of my list, along with TOP. I've particularly enjoyed Kirk's personal take on the philosophy and art of photography. If he ever writes a book on these subjects, I look forward to paying for it. Creative people--like you, Mike--deserve to be paid. (I think I'm going to drop a few bills in your donation jar after I post this.) I am so done with the idea "free" intellectual property.

A sad day indeed!

When I was a kid in the boy scouts, an adult handed me a round, wooden disk. It said "TUIT" on it. He then told me that I could never again say I didn't get a round tuit. Even then I was a fan of puns, and this sat very nicely with me. I have been planning on participating in SOFOBOMO for the last two years, and I can't say I simply didn't get around to it, however I did let other priorities distract me. I guess there's no reason I cannot still do my own "FOBO" in a MO. I just need to carve out the time.

I only started reading VSL in the middle of this year. I live in Austin, and it's great to see an Austin photographer as accomplished as Kirk Tuck, and to read his thoughts on the field. I read 4 photo blogs in a serious way, three of which are TOP, Shutterfinger, and VSL. I guess soon enough I'll read just 3 blogs.


Mike, You know I can't resist. I'm in. Love the writing but I'll leave the moderation of comments up to you. Thanks. Kirk

Mike, and others, why aren't you a millionnaire?
He is ..

"Mike, and others, why aren't you a millionnaire?"

Because he gets 13 million pageviews a month and I get 850k. And he's in a richer industry.

The basic rule of thumb is that you need a minimum of a million pageviews a month to make your living from a website. I've made my living exclusively with TOP since 2009 and I've never hit a million pageviews in a month, so I'm doing pretty well with the traffic I have (apart from the fact that I have THE best audience on the entire internet). Not a millionaire by a far cry, but also zero complaints.


Thanks Mike for the invitation, thanks Kirk for accepting.
I guess we'll have another great column here.

Best regards.

Interesting stats for The Sartorialist. I guess it's the fashion equivalent of a gear blog?

I've come across a few bloggers who write about the art / mindset of photography. For example Mark Hobson (The Landscapist), Juha Haataja (Light Scape) and Gordon Lewis (Shutterfinger). For some inspiration also check out Andreas Manessinger (Manessinger).

I will miss Kirk's blog. I read it nearly every week and his writing is clear, concise and thoughtful. I have bought and read two of his books on photography and highly recommend them to anyone who will listen. Mike, between yourself, Ctein, Kirk and the others, I have no doubt you will reach the million mark and more! How could you not? Thanks to you too.


Kirk's acceptance of your offer to write from time to time is great news. I am a big fan of you both.

Although I can fully understand Kirk's reasons for winding up VSL, I was very sad when he did so. I hope that you never go down the same route...

Kind regards,


I had never read The Visual Science Lab before until I heard it was ending, here. After having a good look I'm glad to see that Kirk will be writing for TOP.

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