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Friday, 07 October 2011


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I thought quite a few of Lucian's photos wound up in Banned In DC, alongside Jay Rabinowitz (a completely under-rated talent--looking at his contact sheets was incredible), Cynthia Conolly, Jim Saah, and the dozens of other people who were photographing the DC scene.

You know it's a great punk rock photo when you can smell it. I am really hoping this project makes it.

Wow. I haven't heard the name Slickee Boys in nearly 25 years. This looks great.

...an unexpected gem found here tonight. very cool.

Not a fan of punk - more a jazz guy myself - but I've participated in a couple of Kickstarter projects, including the Pinwide, and heartily endorse doing so. A tremendous reward for and sense of participation for a small investment. If you're interested in these photos and this music and period but are hesitant about investing in a Kickstarter project, I'd say go for it.

Or Gabba Gabba Hey...

The video brings back memories. I was a semi-regular at a club called the Rat in Boston back in the early to mid 70's. Not that I was actually a real punk myself but I liked the loose feel to the scene and met briefly several future stars including Joan Jett and Lita Ford from the Runaways.
I also met Debora Harry and Elvis Costello who were there hanging out after gigs in town. The Cars were almost a house band until they hit it big. Damn I wish I was into photography back in my younger days. Shots of those folks would have been so much better than the rusted trucks I shoot today.

Super. I love good music photos and will watch for the book. Looks like they've already reached their goal.

DC's music scene in those days was so great. The Slickee Boys were amazing. And the Urban Verbs, Velvet Monkees and, of course, Root Boy Slim. Good times.

JUST incredible, brings back so many memories even though I was between Chicago and New York back then. Don't matter. there was a great creative energy emerging from the punk clubs/scene.

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