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Wednesday, 26 October 2011


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Darn I thought you were talking about neked folks in the movies.

That is one of my favourite movies. I think I've seen it last year and didn't immediatialy realise it was one of the best movies I've saw, only when I realised I was still thinking about it for some days after it entered in my list of favourite movies.

In that same year the only other movie that entered my list of favourites was "The secret in their eyes" ("El secreto de sus ojos") a true masterpiece of cinema.

This year I think the only movie that so far entered my list is the greek film "Dogtooth" ("Kynodontas") by Giorgos Lanthimos (this one too "not for those who like plots explained and characters' motives made plain").

We do worry too much about nice tidy stories. If plot was everything we would only watch Casablanca once.

When I first saw that second image I thought it was Gadaffi, lying in the refrigerator. Same hairdo and beard, same naked upper body, same closed eyes. Even the tones (yellow/ red/ brown) are sorta similar.
Funny how that works.

I think that's called "suggestibility"...what you see matches what you expect to see.


I just finished watching "The Return" via Netflix streaming. Thanks for the recommendation.

I don't know why it took me so long to make the association, since it is one of my all-time favorite films.


Ulee's Gold flew in under the radar many years ago and by chance I caught it and loved it. Rumor at the time said Peter Fonda (of Easy Rider fame) considered it his personal masterpiece.

A quiet, softly painted story about a hard subject. I believe you would classify it as Naturalistic.

Mike, I'm a little late to this topic but check out "Take Shelter". I don't think it's on general release but it's an amazing film with first-rate cinematography and acting. I kept thinking throughout the entire film that any frame would make a great still print.

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