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Saturday, 01 October 2011


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Wow, some of those interpretations are just brilliant.

The time elapsed between instruction and deadline was so short that if you ran your own film and had an actual job, this thing was nearly impossible. Effectively digital-only. I didn't make it through the first instruction.

The weekly deadline was indeed a bit tight for some. The project is carrying on with fortnightly instructions, the first one issued by Don McCullin, more info here:


Good for keeping one's chops tight!

Some superb shots. Street as a genre has degenerated somewhat into a digital snapfest. This event gave it some focus that really made it work.

Great project, some great captures. However it is very sad to see so many negative comments below the article on the BBC page towards street photography. Maybe the haters need to get out more themselves and breathe the air on our streets?

This is an interesting project. I've joined the group and look forward to doing all 26 assignments. I think having a brief or instruction can help give some focus (no pun intended) to your work -- especially in a genre like street photography (which too often feels like a bunch of random snapshots).

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