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Monday, 17 October 2011


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I did my share and put it on my blog but given that only two people follow my blog it's not likely that it will go far but.... my tumblr is linked to my Facebook page so who knows. I did it because one day I'd like to have my photos professionally published and I'd like a gaurdian angel(s) to help. Thanks for pointing me to this kickstart program.

Sadly, wanted to donate, however the message keeps kicking back, that is only United States residents are allowed to donate.

OK, be difficult will see if T.O.P. will accept my money, you ready Mikey??

Mike, we'll see if you can provide the photographic equivalent of the Colbert bump!

Thanks for reposting this one. I passed the first time I saw it but not because it didn't appeal to me. Now I am a backer and it looks like Harold is going to get his book published.

You may recall that some time ago, I emailed you nominating Harold Feinstein for a random excellence profile, so I was happy to support this project, which focuses on his early B&W work, I believe.
And, as a long-time fan of Jim Marshall and the musicians he photographed, the featured photo for the Mantoani project hooked me as well. The other photographers and their signature photos look wonderful.
If the projects succeed, the books will be worth more to me than a couple dinners out.
Thanks for the reminder.

I hope he knows that he can pledge money to his own project to tip it over the edge too.. would be well worth the personal investment to ensure the project gets completed

Thanks for the reminder. I've added my support.

100% funded!!!!
Thanks Mike!

It's done. I got on to the page when they were $15 off the target, and thought my contribution would be the one tipping it over the line :). By the time I refreshed the page it had just hit _exactly_ $35k. Anyway, I liked too many of the photos to not want this book. Looking forward to getting my copy next year!

Johnny Cash IS #1 ...

Bryce Lee: Kickstarter accepted my own pledge fine - I'm from the UK. The minimum of $60 (if you want to receive a copy of the book) increases to $70 for 'international' participants, presumably to cover the shipping. So it's not restricted to US residents so far as I can see. Maybe your payment method was the problem?

Dear Mike,

Thank you once again for featuring the Harold Feinstein Kickstarter project. Each time you mentioned it on your blog, your readers responded…..and responded heavily.

We cannot thank you enough. Although the book will cost more than $45,000 to produce, we opted to put a more realistic Kickstarter goal of $35,000. We are still shocked that the support was so high. We have exceeded the initial $35,000 with 3 days left. If anyone else wants to pre-order the book at the discounted $60 price, please do so.

Harold turned 80 years old this year. When an 80 year old comes to you with a wish to have a big book printed, my only option was not to fail. I can't wait to get our team together to design and layout this book. Our goal is to have the book launch and exhibition in July of 2012.

You truly have a great group of followers and I wish you and them well.


Jason Landry
Owner | Director
Panopticon Gallery

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