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Monday, 10 October 2011


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Well I would say something about this post but I can't, or can I?.....

Next you'll be telling us about amazing articles you've written, that have also disappeared, but stay tuned, more great stuff will come ... eventually.


A few times I've got, "cannot accept that data".

Whew! There I was, wondering what was so abysmally dumb and/or obtuse in my previous comment...

Here's the explanation for that.


Isn´t all the true.

"Comments are moderated, and will not appear until the author has approved them. "

Mike, perhaps you might amend your post to include the suggestion that if a comment is requiring some time and effort to write, then it's always a good idea to copy it (e.g., to Notepad in Windows).

Is it possible to place the captcha above the comment box?

Mike, this isn't recent, it's been happening for years (literally). It appears random, but I've noticed it occurs more commonly after I update Firefox, which leads me to believe it might have something to do with cookies, but I ain't no web/browser expert so treat this as mere speculation.

Hi Mike,
I might be wrong but I think I get captcha when I post a hyperlink, and not when it's just text. Maybe?

cheers phil

I'm sure the people at TypePad could do that--or make the captcha appear before you're allowed to hit the Post button--but I can't.


I seem to most often observe it when I'm putting in an embedded link with html. Plain hyperlinks don't always do it. I don't know the exact triggers.


Are there any options on the "captcha" field? Some of them are almost impossible to make out. It seems that something that can easily be read by a human would suffice in almost all instances.


I've had this a couple of times (i.e. Captcha popping up, rather than not knowing it had been triggered and was blind to the box). Is this not a layout issue? i appreciate that on an iMac 27 I have more screen real estate than some, but a layout change could make this problem go away?

I have a suspicion this issue may be more prevalent with the "shorter" posts+comments, as your right hand side bar of links (or lynx) pushes the Captcha box downwards. The Captcha dialogue box will appear at the lowest level, which could easily be off screen (downwards) in a short post.

I do think ultimately this is a TypePad issue, not TOP layout, but in the interim a layout change could avert the issue?

I'm SO glad that someone else saw the captcha! I thought it was just me, and a further sign of mental slippage.

Yeah, I've been seeing the randomly appearing captcha for some time now. And sometimes finding a comment sitting there waiting hours later (which gets into other problems to actually get posted; cut and paste to a new comment is usually easiest).

I'm starting to remember to check. It DOES end up off the page most of the time for me.

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