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Tuesday, 25 October 2011


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And look! The first thing on the timeline is hand-composited attempts at dealing with HDR landscapes.

Dear Mike,

Liked the essay, loved the timeline.


Frustrated by the lack of larger-than-thumbnail versions of the photographs. I only knew about half the works shown; the ones I didn't know were too small for me to parse visually.

A curious failure for a photography-history timeline.

pax / Ctein

I agree...I had to go Google some of the artists and works separately. Wasn't easy to do it with some. (Didn't try it with all.)


Then everyone should have a look at the latest project by dutch photographer Erwin Olaf:

"In her last years of life (circa 2005) Annie Leibovitz created an elaborate tableaux / photomontaged set for Vogue illustrating The Wizard of Oz."

Unfortunate choice of words; thank goodness she's still with us ...

That is fascinating. I really like French postcard from 1905, 'Out at last' "...which possibly had political meaning to people at the time."

I HATE 'fantastical Photomontage' and Lartique has nothing to do with it!

Why has he left out David Lachapelle?

No mention of Joan Fontcuberta/Dr. Ameisenhaufen though. But he does have Dave McKean who is more known as a surrealist painter and illustrator than a photographer (to me anyway). He has a great commentary on surrealism on the DVD of MirrorMask by N Gaiman.

Similar but different: "Russian Ark" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_Ark). One take, no cuts, 96 minutes.

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