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Sunday, 02 October 2011


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Wow, a gorgeous, sunny, crisp autumn day at Lambeau Field with the smell of brats wafting in from the parking lot; it doesn't get much better than that. No stadium anywhere has the same electrically friendly feel as Lambeau when it's rocking after a Packers' score; enjoy the day!

Hi there.

> Hope you are having a good weekend too—!

I just spent 11 hours on daytime flights (actual: 2:30 a.m. start for a 4 a.m. check in, followed by three hours waiting, three hours flying, three and a half in a transit lounge and then another eight hours flying) with a wide awake and very bored four year old. So, the answer is an emphatic 'No!"

But I am picking up the Koudelka "Gypsies" book from the post office tomorrow, so it all balances out!


Even if you don't buy into the NFL hype, Lambeau is an amazing experience. It feels much smaller than you'd expect (though in fairness I haven't been since the renovation). And I'm glad there's one field for which buying the naming rights would probably result in a net loss for a company as wisconsinites rose up to destroy them...

Hope you brought a good rig with you to capture the sights and smells of the tailgating party at Lambeau, so you can share them with us.

I want to see a photo of you in a cheesehead hat ...

It is a Public Holiday Monday here in New South Wales (Oz) aqnd it gratifying to think that you are also reaping the benefits of a day of extra rest.



Quite a weekend for Wisconsin sports (Brewers up 2-0 on the Diamondbacks, Cornhuskers rudely welcomed to the Big 10 by the Badgers, and the Packers thumping the Broncos). Glad you got to get out and see the game!!!

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