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Friday, 23 September 2011


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Makes me feel old....
Thanks for recognizing them on TOP!

Well, I don't know what it really means. I mean, does anybody think they won't get back together if and when they want to? Alternately, I'm not sure I even thought they were still together...to me they're an '80s band who had a lot of influence on a lot of people, some great albums and some solid "soundtrack of our lives" hits, and if you'd quizzed me about it I would have bet they were active well into the '90s, but I'm not sure I could have told whether they were active over the past 10 years or not.

Still, Michael Stipe is (or was at one point) a pretty serious photography collector, so I tend to think of him as "one of us."


It's not like it's the end of the world, Mike.
I feel fine.

did we miss anything?

"...to me they're an '80s band who had a lot of influence on a lot of people,"

Well, not on me -- I didn't know what it was, so thanks for explaining.


I could never forgive them for inflicting "Stand" and "Orange Crush" on the world (or perhaps I should never forgive the radio world for inflicting them on me so often), so I was never really able to appreciate their music.

"Well, not on me -- I didn't know what it was"

I meant on a lot of other American bands of the period.


I love them

For years I've heard the rumor that the name of the band derived from the enthusiasm of one of its members for the photography of Ralph Eugene Meatyard. I tried to track this down and got close but never confirmed it.

...and didn't they use a photo of Michael Stipe (probably his high school senior portrait) with the words "They airbrushed my face" written over it as album art for "Eponymous?"

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