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Saturday, 24 September 2011


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Beautiful. Better still...to address the question of capturing reality, a confessional chimera.

A perfect camera for shooting ligers on safari.

"Confessional" is a term of art in database marketing (at consumer banks, at least). They're professionals who look like consumers when you examine the transactional data, typically operating a home-based business using a consumer checking (current) account rather than a more expensive business account.

I am not a Catholic, but I'm pretty sure that cameras in the confessional are against the rules.

I am quite certain, though, that no one really wants a confessional camera. No one wants their EXIF data to contain things like, "He didn't want to lug that damn tripod around, so she was handholding on this landscape shot," or, "She says this was shot with a Summilux so you'll think it has the 'Leica Look,' but she really used the Olympus kit zoom," or, "This beautiful model? He's sleeping with her, and his wife doesn't know."

Then again, if I went out and bought myself a "professional" camera, would I be entitled to a percentage of its earnings?

Forgive me Ansel for I have sinned...

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