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Friday, 16 September 2011


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If she's a "high-end" interior designer, then she should be ready to pay at least "going rates" for ancillary services.

I don't know what current thinking is to charge for web usage. Last time I looked at the rate sheets from one of the associations for that, they were absurd for the vast majority of the web clients I've worked with, but that was a while back and don't know if it was the "right" organization (don't remember who it was now either).

I hope there's some formal recognition now of the difference between the Honda web site and the web site for a local interior design firm and the web site of a local small ethnic restaurant (at least three levels). For print publication there was certainly a wide range of rates based on number of impressions and where they appeared.

Are there publicly available guidelines for such things? That are widely accepted as "real"?

She is ready to pay going rates. She just wants a mid-level photographer rather than one at the very top of the specialty is all. Nothing wrong with that.


This may sound snarky, but if your friend is a high end designer who wants something better than her snapshots, all she needs to do is improve the quality of her photos.

In spite of what a lot of people say, taking nice looking pictures isn't hard. For interior design, get a cheap DSLR, a less cheap wide zoom, and a cheap CF tripod. Put it all together and shoot in P mode at ISO 100 (making sure you've permanently taped the popup flash down, lest it start ruining your pictures), and you've got good looking jpgs straight out of camera.

It will be cheaper than using an outside a photographer in the mid-term (maybe even short term, depending on how many gigs your friend does).

Your friend should contact some local high-end real-estate agents. They can probably recommend a couple of pros who can provide the sort of work she needs.

I'm in an obscure branch of Information technology. Alas, I may need to learn how to get coffee and donuts for some photographer, rather than work the midnight shift at the local 7-11.

Too many people want to work overnight at 7-11. It's like I'm flashing back to 1981... .

Jeepers guys, ease up on Mike. All he did was try to help 2 people with a post on his own blog - a friend who needs help and is willing to pay for it, and the photographer who answers the call. Win/win - friend gets her photos, photographer gets a job that may lead to more work. Pro work is getting harder to find, and you guys are telling her to do it herself... sheesh.

Mike, have you considered doing it yourself? I'd have a go at it if I lived a mite nearer...

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