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Thursday, 08 September 2011


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Gimmicks? How about "camera armor". I got suckered in on that one.

Awww, you could've done a 'Gimmicks We Like' and just left it empty!

I don't know.

What about print sales ?


Curmudgeon-in-Training? I think you are ready to teach a master's level class!

In training? Mike, you're flowers and sunshine compared to what I can be. You'll need a lot of training. :D

I don't think you need the "in-training" part of your sig today ;-)

Methinks you should go back to bed with your favourite tipple, or take Lulu for a walk if her legs are ok, or just something different to normal.

all the best phil (interwebbing instead of washing-up)

> I was thinking more in terms of gimmicks such as... Leica-skin stickers for your iPhone, modern tintypes, 3D, aperture-ring bracelets and lens coffee mug...

I think of most of those as gewgaws. Now, this is a gimmick: http://blog.iamnikon.com/en_GB/product-news/the-d3100-red/ .


Thinking about what Patrick Dodds said... it seems to me that a lot of things, once they become useful, are no longer thought of as gimmicks.

Face detection might be one of these... To me, gimmicks are things that seem cool or look slick, but really have no utility or purpose. I.e. a TV whose screen border lights up with different colors.

I thought ring tones for cell phones was a gimmick, until it was pointed out that it was million-dollar business.

If you think modern tintypes are a gimmick, you have to check out Joni Sternbach's surf photos. They are the antithesis of gimmick.
Wet plates for wet culture, right?

The thing I hate most is when something I'm doing becomes popular, then inevitably is adopted by people who have no idea what they are doing, and then becomes an embarrassing cliche with the inevitable backlash.

Photoshop plugins that make "Polaroid PN contact print borders" make my teeth curl. Especially in color, and with the pod at both ends?

I'm hoping the current 3D thing either blows over or gets out of the gimmick phase soon. I've been into stereoscopy for years , my honeymoon photos are a mix of SX-70s and Viewmaster reels.

At least brush painting your car with hundreds of colors of paint never caught on.

Interchangeable lenses :)

Curmudgeon in training? :)

Re: in-body stabilization. That's not a gimmick. That's innovation.

Fuji X100 - the whole camera is a gimmick.


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