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Friday, 02 September 2011


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I'm actually a fairly new reader of the site and I never saw that post before. As a young person (though I don't feel like it, funny how that works huh?) who has recently taken up black and white film shooting/developing/printing that article was very encouraging. Thanks for sharing it. Now I am reminded again that I need to browse your archives a bit (and shoot more)!

Spanish-Speaking TOP Readers... may already read english too, wouldn't they? At least, they need to read english to read your post... :)

I'm not saying they'll NEED to read it in Spanish, just that they might be interested in knowing it's been translated.

For one thing, maybe they could then recommend it to photo-friends who don't read English.


Maybe another camera I´ll never have a leica sorry its a cliche Mike maybe tomorrow write about this in the sailor hat maybe you read spanish.

I agree Mike. Sorry for nitpicking (is that the word?), it's just that it made me smile being myself from Spain and knowing that I visit this site and enjoy your posts... only because I can read english.

But you are right about some of us recommending the article to others. In my case, though, what I'd recommend to my friends is to learn english. It's a shame they don't care but them ask you to translate web pages, articles or songs.

now I can recommend this to my spanish friend.. thanks

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