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Tuesday, 23 August 2011


So, if you get there in one piece will you be gruntled?

Godspeed, and tell them you love them. My mother passed away last monday, and I am very glad I did while she was still alive. (No need to publish this)

Mike, I hope this travel attempt leaves you completely gruntled.

Wish you luck Mike. Have a good trip


Here's hoping you're gruntled!


Well, if you do get disgruntled, I suppose you can always get regruntled.

Hope your trip is safe, pleasant and productive.

Please try to stay combobulated, and gruntled, too.

(That's odd; the spell-checker thinks "gruntled" is just fine.)

OK ... so a couple of new cameras have come out ... and no post yet! You must have made it!


No need to apologize. You're entitled to a vacation.


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