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Friday, 19 August 2011


I think I like the idea of honoring Niépce, Daguerre and Fox Talbot, but, really, not a day goes by without me thinking about photography. I edited photos today, posted one on Flickr and rued my Oly XA not having batteries as I went out on business and saw things I wished I could have photographed.

When is Mother's Day? Nine months after Father's Day. : )

As a graphic designer by training, I have to say their logo is almost offensive.

"You need a photography-related logo, huh? How about some aperture blades?"

"Brilliant! I'll bet nobody's thought of that!"

I hear you. Some time back I hired a graphic design firm to create a logo for TOP, and what they came up with was...well, you can guess what the "O" in "TOP" was. Sheesh.


...AKA 'clever way for the promoter to get free usage rights to other people's photos day'.

"You grant an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive license to worldphotoday.org and it’s administrators to display, reproduce, and distribute your submissions to worldphotoday.org, in any media for the purpose of promoting World Photography Day"

All the benefits of running a competition without having to hand out prizes!

Aperture blade logos aren't the only unoriginal thing here - their slogan is also borrowed from another well-known company. Look at the bottom right of the page.

According to PopPhoto, August 19, 1839 is the day the French government released the Daguerreotype process into the public domain, allowing anyone to use it.


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