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Friday, 01 July 2011


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I refuse to comment on the grounds of my 5th amendment right against self recrimination (yes, I meant recrimination).


Oh man, if I had read this post before the next post, I'd have not outed myself.

This title was a lot more fun sounding when I thought it said
"Amy Winehouse Music, Fonts, Ants, Wikipedia Signatures, and Canadian Surrealist Porn" and thought that it all seemed to fit together in like sort of Errol Morris and Luis Buñuel collaboration.

Scene one: Amy Winehouse is being dragged by donkeys while singing about the life of Adrian Frutiger as ants consume the serifs of giant letters cast from maple sugar.

LOL...So very true.

This is just the kind of thing that keeps us all faithful readers coming back to TOP. So, thank you again for letting us share the box!

Very good, indeed. Reminds me of those expensive hi-fi leads Mike raves about.

Leave poor old Amy alone. I guess she has enough problems as it is. If you seperate the Wine from the House though, you wind up with one of the greatest musical talents of the zips....no doubt about it.

Greetings, Ed

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