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Wednesday, 06 July 2011


Ohhhhh!! I know of whence you speak Mr.T. A friend of mine has one and a bunch of lenses. The first time she pulled it out of her purse, I liked it. When she let me play with it, I wanted one ... NOW! NOW! I patiently await the M module and whatever the NEX-7 looks like before I hand over the credit card. I have yet to see one of these for sale used - which says something.

So now you have a dog, a son, AND a bug-cute teensy little camera.

Has the phrase "babe magnet" passed through your mind lately?

(Or at least "grownup-babe magnet".)

I'm sure this has come up before but I just gotta ask. Given that the camera body of a modular camera system like the GXR is essentially a backplane to host optics and processor, why not develop a generic standard or white box body system?

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