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Wednesday, 06 July 2011


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I wander if it "chimped" the shot after taking it. Yes, I know, you've probably received a hundred posts by now saying the same thing!!

And I loved the honesty of the photographer who owned up to cropping and adjusting tilt.

I suggest a competition for the best human lookalike to the above.

As long as trained monkeys are more expensive than photographers...

I made contact with that monkey to ask for some advice on self portraits. He said you shouldn't think too much as it leads to nit picking.

I'll get my coat

Good composition, good exposure and a nice "photo illustration" vibe - In my expert(*) opinion, the photographer must have used face-detection mode.


(*)where X denotes the unknown and SPURT is a drip under pressure.

Cheers! Jay

Monkey see monkey do...


@ Bill Rogers...wouldn't that be your nephew?

Jokes aside. One MUST wonder about the SENTIENCE this monkey must have baring her/his smile and eye contact in order to burn a hole right into our souls. I cannot stop staring at it.

I have to know what gear he uses.*

*(insert satire disclaimer here)

Mike replies: It's a complicated case, but probably qualifies as a co-authored work. The monkey doesn't look like the litigious sort to me. :-)

Dunno, he looks just like my Lawyer after he sent me the bill for a new will and estate advice .


Wow, that macaque is increedibly symmetrical . . . anyone else notice that? He's got most mere humans beat!

The absolute best thing I've seen on National news lately. Those monkeys are beyond cool.

Mike, here's the proof - a self portrait with camera, in a mirror - that a monkey (OK, a gorilla, then) can indeed be a photographer:


And a manual focus film camera, at that.

Did no one else remember this cover?

Are there two planes of focus in this photo? The teeth, in focus, seem to be just behind the lips and forward of the nostrils, both of which are out of focus.

@Tom Sowboda, I agree that photographers don't have to be intelligent, but who says that the monkey isn't?

I'm very skeptical about the self-portrait. The focus is clearly on the eyes and the nose, which is in the center of the frame, is already out of focus. Did the monkey focus on his eyes and then recompose?

Sure, the focus could have been set exactly like that by coincidence. Or the active focus point wasn't the center one but one that was on the eyes, also by coincidence. Or...

I don't like that the photo that you've used and that many other sites have used is an obviously cropped and rotated version of the original which is shown at the Daily Mail link you provided. Firstly, I prefer the diagonal composition of the original, but more importantly, I think the straightened photo slightly mischaracterizes the macaque's photo skills (unless he knows Photoshop too).

I thought that photo looked familiar - I ran across this doing some research - note even the green background??



"I agree that photographers don't have to be intelligent, but who says that the monkey isn't?"

Well, he apparently aspires to a career in photography, for one thing. [g]


...Or his nose could have been moving, i.e., he was sniffing the strange device he was holding.


I agree that the tilted version is a better picture.


Shoot, Rod S., I was just gonna say that with a film camera the macaque wouldn't have succeeded, and then a gorilla with a manual driven Olympus. Okay ape versus monkey 1:1 i'de say.

Greetings, Ed

P.S. that little seagull is getting hired as an arial cameraman (or woman) it only needs a union card.

Two of those images are now on Alamy(http://tinyurl.com/678uf4b). This proves even monkeys can take photos that can get through Alamy quality control (what some people still struggle with ...).

and in the previous post, Mike, the human, waxes lyrical about taking pictures of his feet vs keyboard....
thank you for making my day!

The MU-43 site is currently holding a 'portrait' contest.

I sure wish I could enter the Crested Black Macaque in this contest as it would be a sure winner.

...I think I bid against him on a recent job, and he got it!

A monkey hitting a shutter release at random on a camera for an infinite amount of time will almost surely take a given photo portfolio, such as the complete works of Steve McCurry.

I agree with your assessment Mike. The the picture that you said is one of the greatest self-portraits in the history of photography is right on the mark.

I am waiting for:

David Slater, Self-portrait (camera provided by Crested Black Macaque)

As I recall that Koko the gorilla did take pictures with a Polaroid camera.


I'm pretty sure that apes baring their teeth is a sign of aggression, not a smile. Puts a different spin on things.

I'm going to go out and get a 5D!

Oh... wait...

Is it possible to bjy e diagonal aspect photo as a print?

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