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Wednesday, 20 July 2011


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I thought you chose the picture because of this:
International Chess Day... an annual observation since 1966 honoring the game that generates challenge, intellectual stimulation, and enjoyment for people of all ages.

Or is this another example of serendipity?

Reminds me of a recent show on NOVA (PBS, I think, called 'Dogs Decoded' or something like that) regarding dog evolution, behavior and their relationship with humans. Included was a segment on communication, and specifically how dogs easily recognize the direction of human eye movements. The whites of the human eye, and the centering of the iris, make it easy for dogs, and other humans, to notice small changes in eye direction.

Chimps, strangely enough, don't understand if a human 'gestures' with his/her eyes, or points with his/her fingers for that matter, to show where another object (food under a cup) is located. Dogs, on the other hand, respond well to both eye and hand gestures. and readily move toward the cup.

One dog in particular could look at just a photograph of a given object (toy) and retrieve the real thing from another room. I suspect that that dog might appreciate the photo presented here.

OT, more or less, but interesting.

That particular episode of NOVA is one of my favorite-ever television shows, in my top ten of all time. Really loved it. Just deeply, deeply fascinating--and just as deeply gratifying.


Same here, Mike. I also liked the one on dreams. Not quite as well done, and still a lot of guesswork involved, but the subject matter fascinates me.


Mike, you are not only honest, but wise and with it. Else we wouldn't keep coming back to TOP.

The title was enough of an indication to me that I should pay attention and then I noticed her body language. Spotting her eyes didn't take another blink. And it all happened in Google Reader on an Android screen. But I suppose you can put it all down to my own big, laser-shooting eyes :)

I DVR every episode of Nova. Generally watch them once, then delete. "Dogs Decoded" is still there.

Actually, there are any number of human-related things that dogs can do and apes can't. Dogs are friends; apes are just relatives.

Anyway, rejoining our regularly scheduled topic: Thanks for pointing out David Peat. His is that rare kind of street photography where something is actually happening in each frame. It's the kind that I try, and generally fail, to do.

I hope to see more, and wish him the best.

For what it's worth, enjoying the direction of the subjects' attention was my first reaction to the photograph, so I think it works even in the small jpg version.

While all the details are not precisely clear in this very nice shot, the situation on the board in chessic terms can be assessed in general terms. As opposed to the more wide open play more typically associated to informal street chess, the position reflects a slow-developing, solidly-structured cautious approach to play.

At about 1:50 into the slideshow there is a fantastic photo with a girl walking in from the left of the frame and human shadows thrown onto a staircase in the background. Don't skip to it or you'll miss a lot of other excellent photos, but keep an eye out for it. What a fun photo!

This David Peat fellow needs to put out a book ASAP.

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