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Tuesday, 26 July 2011


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Enjoy your hiatus!

Have a nice break Mike! You deserve it. Now I have a chance to catch up on all the past articles from TOP that I haven't read.


Have a great vacation. You've earned it.
But then come back soon - we'll miss you!

Well deserved mind you ... have a good one!


Will we get the weeks-old, unpublished review of the XZ-1?

Well that's no good; how am I supposed to waste my time?

I hope you make good progress on your projects!

Sorry. Request denied. Can't live a day without new TOP content. Please re-shackle.

Enjoy the time off, Mike.

Me, I'm going tto spend the time actually taking some pictures.

I'm glad to hear you're getting a break and hope you enjoy your time away from TOP.

All I ask is that you re-open long enough to post any Ctein articles in the pipeline.

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