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Thursday, 21 July 2011


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Damn! All the best ones are gone -- Foxtrot, For Better or for Worse, Calvin and Hobbs...now WT Duck. Thank Gawd for syndication (see "gocomics.com".

I have been a fan of his strips since the beginning (before they were popular, wink) and I hope him the best.

WTD is the very first link on my bookmark toolbar. I'm going to miss clicking on it every morning. My friend (fellow photographer) and I have spent many a pleasurable moment talking about the latest one that made us laugh.

I wish him the best ! Though I'm addicted to his daily strips, I guess I'll survive... By buying his books !

Cranking out a good cartoon strip everyday must surely be an exhausting job. WTD is great, but I applaud Aaron for concluding the daily run while it is still vibrant. Take a quick look at strips that just do not seem to die (B.C., comes to mind.) They were once great, but are now tired, desiccated visions of their former selves. Why bother reading them at all? I was sad to see Calvin& Hobbes and Gary Larson go, but becoming irrelevant would have been a much worse fate.

TOP and WTD are next to each other on my bookmark list. Both are mandatory daily stops for me.

Gotta get me some of his books before they become collectors items.

Was in the local Chapters-Indigo six months
or more ago and saw the WTD book..bought the four or five that they had. Crazy? Yes, however excellent gifts for photographer friends, and others.

Aaron has a growing family; and he has a daily job as well. Suspect though aa you know yourself Mike, doing a daily column or in this case cartoon, is a good recipe for mental burnout.

Suspect Aaron often met himself coming the other way. As with the really good and entertaing modern srips, such as Calvin & Hobbs, Bloom County and Peanuts
it was simply time for Aaron.

Then too one cartoon every week would mean
only 52 scenarios would have to be image.

Whatever does happan, we should all be thankful for the last five years!!

What is this 'THE ONLINE PHOTOGRAPHER' he speaks of?

I forgot it even existed.

Really sad to see this one go. So many people in the photography world take themselves far too seriously; What The Duck forced us to laugh at ourselves. It was much needed, and will be much missed.

So I'm finally getting around to reading through WTD. I've had the book on my wishlist for a while, but nobody has bought it for me yet.

"What is this 'THE ONLINE PHOTOGRAPHER' he speaks of?"

I have to confess I paid him for that cartoon. He was offering to draw cartoons on demand for $90, and that seemed cheap to me. So I came up with the text and Aaron drew it for me. Still seems like a bargain, and if I helped him out a little at the time, so much the better.


Sad duck . :<

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